The A Journey in the Snow of Color Trend for Women's Puffa Jacket

Author:Tom 2021-06-16

color trend


Friluftsliv is the latest Scandi fashion concept, which means "Free air and life". There is only one principle that -- Leave your house and go for a walk until you have happy smile and positive winter attitude. The peaceful and restless hearts in this warm sunlight make everything comfortable and natural. Low-key retro pastel colors and pale neutral colors provide womenswear palette with fashion, which presents the digital visual impact and satisfies people's desire for health.


Theme Inspiration


The latest Miu Miu A/W collection took us to the skiing resort in northern Italy, beginning a journey of fashion in the snowy mountains 9000ft above the sea. Healing Violet Tulle, Lavender Fog, Toasted Almond and Abundant Green are used as main colors. Sunny sky and white snow better stress the fantastic dreamland.


Snowy Dreamland


After the long-lasting unsettled period , peaceful and healing colors will be extremely attractive. Sweet pastel colors will be gradually evolved into pale and elegant colors as well, which can provide people with soothing energy. This palette has higher inclusiveness and is suitable for glossy fabrics and puffy silhouette.


Color Recommendation


Soothing purple color can stimulate the resonance of consumers, and these peaceful colors have already proofed their status in the post-pandemic market. This foggy lavender is refreshing and also luxurious, which is suitable for minimalist and sweet styles.


Lavender Fog


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