The 45-year-old Spanish Goddess Penelope Cruz's Dress was Shinning at the Venice Film Festival

Author:Tom 2019-09-09

Penelope Cruz


Spanish actress Penelope Cruz, and Italy's Monica Bellucci and France's Sophie Marceau, and become the three goddesses in Europe, unlike the Hollywood actress, their charm is more kind of "advanced feeling", both sexy and elegant, dignified and elegant, can not be seen from afar. Nowadays, the beautiful people have also entered middle age. Although they are not as fresh and beautiful as they were when they were young, they have a unique and mature beauty.



On the 1st local time, the film "Hornet Network" held its premiere at the 76th Venice Film Festival. Director Olivier Asayas (ex- in-law Maggie Cheung) and the main actors appeared on the red carpet as the only women on the red carpet. The female, 45- year-old Penelope naturally received the most attention.


Penelope Cruz


This is the image of Penelope in the film. In the 1990s, the film mainly talked about the story of five Cubans who were put into prison by the United States for suspected espionage and murder. Adapted by The Last Soldiers of the Cold War: The Story of the Cuban Five by South German Moles.


Penelope Cruz who wear wedding 

dressesPenelope Cruz who wear layered 

wedding dresses


On the red carpet, Penelope Cruz wears a white fluffy dress that looks like a wedding dress, showing the atmosphere without losing the sweet side. Dramatic eye makeup and bold red lips highlight her gorgeousness, making the goddess more eye- catching.


Penelope Cruz on the runway


Penelope's dress is one of Ralph Russell's 2019 autumn and winter houte couture series. Compared with the T-model, Penelope's display is noble and dignified, but it is a bit less ethereal and more "grounded". 


Penelope's dress


The beautiful people ialso can't stand the erosion of the years. When Penelope Cruz laughs, the wrinkles on the forehead and the corners of the eyes are very obvious. Even the heavy makeup can't cover it, but it does not hinder the charm of the goddess.


Penelope Cruze's fashion style on the 

red carpet


Before Penelope Cruz walked on the red carpet, she changed two sets of different styles clothing to shine in Venice. Compared to Chanel's black jumpsuit, Ralph Russell's sky-blue embroidered dress made her more colorful and full. The fashion show is also showing her slender legs.


Penelope Cruz


Penelope Cruz is also shared her photo with Meryl Streep on her personal social media and called it the goddess. The same person's frame also shows that women do not need age as a label, as long as they are confident and calm, each period has its own beauty.


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