The 35-year-old Japanese model's daily wear is simple, practical and feminine

Author:Tom 2021-04-02

Girls who don’t have enough sense of fashion, don’t bite the bullet to choose styles or combine single products when dressing and matching. You can start with observation and learning to see how fashionable women match. For example, the 35-year-old Japanese model Mikiko Yano can quickly create a simple yet elegant dress. Her dressing skills are worth learning and are quite practical.


1. The color combination of clothing should not be too dim


From the combination of multiple sets of clothing, it can be seen that the more colorful and brighter the combination of single products, the more likely it is to maintain a full return rate, but the premise is that personal conditions and temperament can completely control these clothing.


the 35-year-old Japanese model Mikiko Yano


Often use high-brightness items, which are too heavy for skin color. You can try dark-colored clothing that fits. But this kind of collocation also has drawbacks, that is, it is easy to make the combination of clothing too single, and it will also appear dim. Yano Mikiko adopted a green bag as a highlight, regardless of the way the bag is back, it can dispel the dull picture in one second.


After the styling is completed, you must choose the appropriate bag according to the dress style and the color of the clothing of the day. First of all, you must observe whether the color of the bag and the items on your body can perfectly fit together.


fashion model


For example, the overall color of this set of outfits does not have a sense of selection, so the selected bags can have a different color from them. Although the visual brightening effect brought by pink is not as good as bright yellow, the temperament created is often softer.


The black single product definitely solves the problem of many people's dressing or color matching, but the style it creates is really not outstanding. You can use a black jacket to lay a foundation, and then apply other color single products to combine with it. The color scheme is not too dim.


fashion model


For example, this black knitted cardigan is definitely one of the best in color adaptability. You can add a light blue inner layer to it to form a sedate dress with a slightly fresh breath.


2. Light-colored items are more suitable for combination with the same color


When many people don’t know how the colors should be combined or are worried that they will miss the color matching, they will adopt the matching between the same color items. This approach does not cause a high probability of mistakes, but it will be caused by the characteristics of the colors. The picture is either too dark or too depressing and monotonous.


light color style


Compared with dark clothing, light-colored items are more suitable for matching between the same colors. For example, the fit between the white single product and the white single product is the most tacit understanding, and it can also make the picture the strongest sense of freshness.


The light-colored items themselves are not highly visually conflicting, but because of the strong lightness of the colors, they will also stand out among many black items and become a more eye-catching existence.


fashion model


For example, the combination of this light-colored clothing is very suitable, the upper body of the clothing is loose, and the lower body of the trousers can be kept in a straight form, avoiding the connection of fat trousers.


3. The basic model is durable and timeless


The best way to show expensive clothes is not to buy expensive clothes directly, but to know how to use basic items that will not be outdated. This is the most classic and practical dressing technique.


fashion model


Like the light-colored windbreaker chosen by the model Yano Mikiko, it can become a clothing that can be reused in and out of leisure places or in the workplace. The depth of the color determines the specific style it interprets, and the light color will make the temperament more gentle.


There are many ways to match light-colored windbreakers. If you are looking for a more agile dress, just wear pants that can modify the shape of your legs. If you want a personal dress to create a more elegant or fresh beauty, you may wish to match the dress.


fashion coat


Like this light-colored long windbreaker, the actual wear rate is absolutely very strong. The white dress with print decoration inside, the overall color combination is very fresh, simple but not too popular.


Although the design of the shirt has been advancing with the times, and the appearance of it is no longer ordinary through the connection of different fabrics and the addition of various elements, but the most basic white shirt can become the "main force" in wearing.


fashion style


For example, this white shirt can form a casual and chic style, and it can also create a serious and formal dress from time to time. The key is how to place the hem.


4. The half-length skirt makes the personal temperament more elegant


The dressing does not show the grade. In addition to checking whether the overall color combination is harmonious and whether the clothing fits with the individual's figure, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether it will expose the shortcomings of the figure.


fashion model


If the line of the leg is too thick, you may wish to use a knee-length skirt with various coats or inner wear. For example, this white dress will make the picture more elegant. It has a strong sense of elegance and a strong slimming effect.


Daily dressing always lacks a sense of fashion. It is better to learn the dressing skills of the 35-year-old Japanese model Mikiko Yano to create high-end dresses that mature women can adopt.


The skirt will release different charms according to the change of cut and its own color. Like this style and the ankle type, it retains the pleated layering and has a strong sense of rhythm. It also makes the dress style more elegant and can highlight the charm. 


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