Ten unforgettable fashion show design in history

Author:Tom 2020-04-15

Once heard a senior fashion writer said that if you want to write a wonderful  fashion show review, you must first understand its show design. You will find that its inspiration, theme and even the personality of the designer are concentrated here , the cultural symbols behind it sometimes even resonate more than the clothing itself.


fashion designer


The fashion show designer Alexandre de Betak, known as Fellini in the fashion industry, has designed more than 1,000 big shows and events in his nearly 30-year career, becoming a blessing for many brands that cannot leave. How to break the boundaries of fashion, art, and space, and transform the extraordinary creativity of fashion into reality? A successful fashion show, the design of the show may be an information export, or it may be an additional item, which is an indispensable key ring.


Which show design made you remember the most? When we threw this question to our friends who love fashion, we received a lot of replies unexpectedly. We sorted out ten of them, each of which carried a long-lasting design complex about the designer or the audience.


# NO.10
Burberry2011 spring and summer




At that time, the show with 3D holographic projection was held in Beijing, and the use of this technology to display clothing was unprecedented at that time. Every model and every group of LOOk will have a completely copied shadow when they appear. When the real self meets the shadow, the next model comes out at random and transfers cleverly, making the audience unable to distinguish between real and virtual. And this virtual show is placed today, does it bring some kind of revelation again?


# NO.9
Jacquemus Spring / Summer 2020


fashion showfashion show


My name is Simon, I love blue, white, stripes, sunlight, fruits, circles, life, poetry, Marseille and the 80s. This is the self-introduction of French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus on Instagram. Nanfa is Simon's inexhaustible source of inspiration. Sea water, sunlight, beaches, flowers, and his mother and childhood have all been transformed into Jacquemus designs.


Celebrating the brand's 10th anniversary, he moved the show to the lavender field near Mallemort, where he grew up, Le Coup de Soleil (the sunburn) theme, with blue sky, purple lavender and with the pink T-stage as the background, the eye-catching ready-to-wear collection became one of the most discussed brands at the time.


# NO.8
Chanel 2019




On March 6, 2019, the Chanel autumn and winter series was released. This was the last design of Karl Lagerfeld during his lifetime. In the slightly solemn snow scene show, an interview with Lafayette was played before the opening of the big show.


fashion showfashion show


The model Cara was opened, and the ambassador Penélope Cruz held white roses, and finally ended the curtain in the music of David Bowie's famous song Heroes. It contains too much reluctance and respect for this legend. At the same time, this has become one of the shows that people cannot forget.


# NO.7
A.F. Vandevorst 1999


fashion trend


This is a famous Belgian brand founded by designer couple An Vandevorst and Filip Arickx in 1997, but AF Vandevorst, who has gone through 22 years, announced the closure of the fashion business 2019 Spring and summer series.



The models of this series did not go to the T stage according to the convention, but sleeped on the white bed that was arranged like a field hospital, and they wore the clothes of the season on the iron bed. This is a personal description of the designer. They think that the clothes they wear will carry the style, spirit and soul of the wearer. This is a magical moment, not for fun and fashion, but for fun and fashion, just look at the clothes and body to feel healing and redemption.


# NO.6




At Milan Fashion Week just recently, GUCCI, which has always been independent, has left a classic show in the history. What we see is in a space like a rotating music box, presenting a busy background and recording the whole process of the models completing the dress change for display. On the other hand, everything that happens in this transparent space shows the relationship between observation and being observed.


Alessandro Michele


Alessandro Michele likens the season show to women's womb. It is not difficult to understand that women's rights are once again extended to the show concept. When the lighthouse symbolizing the power swings and the lights illuminate, the models representing the female group complete the dress-up in all the scrutiny and stand bravely on the opposite side of the observer. Michele calls for equality between the sexes in a subtle way, and this has always been hidden in his design language.


# NO.5
Raf Simons 2018


Raf Simons 2018


In 2018, under the Manhattan Bridge in New York, emitting psychedelic neon lights, the opening model was wearing a black rubber coat, wearing a gardener hat, holding a transparent umbrella, and stepping on high-top rain boots. In response to the tone of the film, a blockbuster film with a blend of Chinese and Western features and a sense of the future is staged.




On this cyberpunk-style wet stage, the water stains on the ground show the colors of the neon lights. Every model that passes by the umbrella is just the incarnation of the replicator. It is a dystopia and independent existence.


fashion trend


As one of the most popular designers of this century, this show paying tribute to "Blade Runner" won numerous praises and became his masterpiece. In this atmosphere, the street design infused with a new punk attitude makes people have a strong perception of its concept and will not feel empty.


# NO.4
Maison Margiela 2006


fashion trend


Maison Margiela is a very loud name in the entire fashion system. He has left a lot of gods in his 20-year pioneering career. Today I am going to say that it seems to be forgotten but particularly touching show.



The show was arranged like a construction site. Each model stood on a trolley and was slowly pushed out along the rails by an assistant dressed in black. The costumes of the models are composed of two parts, complete and unfinished, conveying Margiela's concept of dissolving the structure of the clothing, and in order to highlight the theme of dissolving, necklaces and bracelets are made of ice cubes and leaving blue and red lines on the clothes, Margiela puts the anti-fashion aesthetics to the extreme here.


fshion showfashion show


In addition, the maverick Margiela does not find professional models very much, so most of the models not found this person, but these amateur models show the most abundant and flexible eyes. Although the show installation is simple, Margiela's avant-garde and imagination are the best packaging.

# NO.3
Iris Van Herpen 2017


fashion show


As a pioneer representative in haute couture fashion, IVH clothing is often more like a piece of art. She is good at using new materials that subvert our traditional cognition to create visual impact, breaking through the restrictions of technology on clothing.


fashion trend


In the autumn winter 2017 fashion show, water was used as the design element. Various forms of water waves ripped on the clothes, which meant to explore the relationship between air and water, darkness and light, and the contrast between inside and outside. The live performance invited Danish underwater band Aquasonic Playing in the water tank, the atmosphere is ghostly and mysterious, seemingly challenging some connection between the body and the surroundings.

# NO.2
Dior 2005


fashion show


The gorgeous and grotesque extreme show will not bypass John Galliano for nearly ten years. He is full of nobility in Dior's design, so the installations in the show are mostly palace style, but romanticism always has a strange sense of drama, just like the designer himself.


fashion showfashion show


In the autumn and winter high school of Dior 2005, the show was arranged as a noble manor. The vines grew madly, the grass was in disrepair, the mist lingered, and a lightning bolt struck the illuminated show, returning to darkness. Nearby came the sound of the carriage and a howling wolf, and the bells echoed over midnight. The model was wearing Chinese clothes and came step by step. The show music Llorando also appeared in the movie "Mohran Road", adding a bit of sad and affectionate drama to the show.


fashion show


Finally, John himself came out in a carriage to call the curtain. The wanton and pride of the Pirate Lord seemed to be sealed in this picture, in order to record the most gorgeous and bright Dior era and the freest John Galliano.


# NO.1
Alexander Mcqueen 1999



Model Shalom Harlow stood in a white dress on a rotating table between the two inkjets and let the inkjet color the skirt, but she struggled and fragile throughout the process. Regarding the role played by the model, the official statement is that the injured white swan, my own interpretation is more biased towards women suppressed by power.


There are too many classic shows created during McQueen's short design career, but when it comes to this topic, almost everyone will mention him. A friend admitted frankly: "It is precisely because of McQueen's design dream that he occasionally tears when he opens his documentary."


fashion trend


McQueen's life has been exploring the essence of life. All the show design is his own idea. Even if time goes by, but every year when he is mentioned, everyone will always say "McQueen is always worth remembering." The several show scenes have also become people's memorable memories again and again in this fast-food era.


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