Sustainable fashion is becoming a new trend in the swimwear market

Author:Tom 2021-07-14

The change in consumer behavior is not only related to the aesthetic appeal of personal wear, but the focus on sustainable fashion has also brought growth opportunities to the swimwear market. Classi Zummo said: “When we conduct sustainable fashion surveys on consumers, quality is what everyone can measure. An important consideration for sustainability is that people are willing to spend on swimwear and hope to contribute to sustainability."


Brands such as Aerie, Tabacaru, Indigo Wild, Swiminista, Deta Knits, and Pau Román are all paying attention to recycled and environmentally-friendly fabric swimwear. The brand Tabacaru said: “We have seen the change of consumers. Bikini, and now more will consider some classic styles that can be worn for a long time."




Indigo Wild is one of the swimwear brands that use sustainable fabrics


Among the men’s swimwear manufactured by Tommy Bahama, 85% use recycled polyester fibers and 70% use sustainable fibers. “This is another key contact point between the brand and the customer, and it is a win-win approach”, Tommy Bahama Brandl, vice president of branding said.


Fair Harbor, founded by the brothers and sisters of Caroline and Jake Danehy six years ago, is another brand that has benefited from the concept of sustainability. Fair Harbor uses recycled plastic bottles to make products, and the number of recycled plastic bottles has reached 7.6 million. Not only through the use of recycling and environmentally friendly fabrics, Fair Harbor has also established a seaside environmental protection community. These efforts for sustainable fashion have also resonated with consumers to a certain extent.




Fair Harbor uses recycled plastic bottles to make swimwear products


It is not difficult to see that consumers' desire and enthusiasm for travel has directly brought high consumer demand to the swimwear market. In addition, as swimwear gradually enters daily life, instead of just being worn as clothing for specific scenes, it has also begun to reflect more open consumption and aesthetic appeals. How to deal with changes in wearing scenes and take into account the functionality of swimwear is Issues that brands need to focus on. As consumers pay attention to sustainable fashion, it also brings opportunities to many brands and even the global swimwear manufacturing industry, and at the same time puts forward a longer test.


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