Supreme's new T-shirt pattern is that Tupac

Author:Tom 2020-02-18

In the United States, the birthplace of rap, one name has to be mentioned, and that is Tupac.


From the bottom to the pinnacle of the rapper at the time, Tupac represented that generation of black people. His songs focused on fighting injustice, police, and racial issues, and had a great impact on the blacks of the time (blacks were often treated unfairly in the United States). Of course, there are a lot of things between the gangs and the street language (Is it quite hidden)? When Tupac was very young and at its peak, he died of gunshots (and it often happens in the United States today).


In every time, Supreeme's new season Photo T is a trend sacred we all want to start with, the last time the influential rapper Photo T is Nas.



This time, the main character of Supreme Photo T turned out to be Tupac! Imagine how hot it is in the United States!


After all, this is the belief for many people, and there is Supreme blessing, this sale is probably hell-level. It is said that this time the Supreme store will be on February 20th, and the online sale will be on February 24th.


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