Supermodel Karlie Kloss Fashion Trend Style

Author:Tom 2019-10-21

Karlie Kloss


Although Karlie Kloss is an amazing supermodel, her daily wear is casual, generous and simple, and it is also suitable for ordinary girls. As the new host of Project Runway, coupled with her years of experience in the fashion circle, she is naturally familiar with the trend. In the OOTD she released not long ago, she saw how she puts the popular elements in the natural, and the key items may be in your home.


Karlie Kloss


The first is the oversized olive green workwear pant, which fits well with the popular Boyish style in recent years, and is complemented by a basic white vest. As for the promotion of the gas field, there is a long version of camel coat, which is a bit of elegance for the original cool and handsome style, and it will show the momentum of the supermodel.


green pants

Karlie is also keenly equipped with a pair of Chelsea boots, black and white color is more eye-catching, the square head design adds to the line details of the dress. Put on a brown handbag and echo the overall tone!


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