Sunny and Soft Colors Trend for The Women's Dress

Author:Alice 2019-08-28

color dresses


Advanced technologies and 5G will dominate S/S 2021. People will live in the real and virtual worlds. Meanwhile, nature is more favored to seek sustainable methods. The color on apparel emphasizes the emotions. The palette is much brighter. Cold tones from technology and nature make the dresses for S/S have a sunny and soft vibe.


colorful dresses




Influenced by internet, S/S 2021 gets rid of conventional colors. Yellows are emerging, bringing a soft and warm feel this season.


yellow color dresses


Celandine yellow color is less pure yet much brighter. The cold tone of celandine adds a lightweight and delicate twist.


Celandine yellow color


The utility H-line dress, floor-length slip dress, V-neck dress are recommended. The slim and lightweight styles are key.


yellow color style




With the development of technology, the preference to nature evolves into the concept of co-existing of technology and nature. Orange emerge as cross-field colors for S/S 2021.


orange color dresses


Carrot combines playfulness and summery softness to create the hybrid color.


Carrot orange color


The waist, gathering at the neck, ties and knots are underlined. The simple silhouette is emphasized.


orange color dresses for women


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