Star Trek The Pattern Trend for Menswear

Author:Spring 2024-06-21

Menswear pattern

Pattern Trend for Menswear

The theme of "Star Trek" focuses on racing, technology, and mystery, and is created under the themes of racing navigation, future vision, and foreign visitors. Using letters as the main element, combined with the layout style of screen segmentation and combination arrangement, to reflect vitality and functionality; Using gradient and artistic filters to create a sense of technology and a retro future trend; Integrating unknown creatures and mystical powers, creating a mysterious and unknown visual atmosphere, and constructing an interstellar exploration space.


Inspiration Source


Incorporating mysterious religious elements, depicting elemental forms in monochrome, while combining symmetry and embedded composition to showcase unknown forces.

Presenting letter combination patterns through badge and embroidery techniques, incorporating local gradient color schemes to further create a sense of racing functionality.

By using circular surround composition and perspective techniques, letter elements seem to hover in space, creating a profound sense of the universe. Combining the effect of metalization treatment, it presents a futuristic style.


Menswear TREND

The original design of the "Star Trek" theme focuses on racing, space, and technology as the main creative elements. Combining composition and creative techniques such as letter combinations, image segmentation, and pixelization to express the mystery of interstellar space, the overall image creates a retro future visual atmosphere, providing a direction for pattern development for related items.