Spray Painting & Graffiti of Artist Recommendation

Author:Tom 2021-08-20

Spray Painting & Graffiti


Under the diversification of global fashion, artists have used multiple ways to create artworks. Spray painting and graffiti artists present public visual art through spray painting, graffiti, poster, collage and street installation. The street fashion is mixed with wild creation techniques and colors to show intense visual effects, which makes fun patterns lively and delicate. This report will introduce the works of Alexis Jamet, KATSU, Thrush Holmes, Nikolaos Schizas, Taylor Anton White and Christopher Wool to bring inspiration and ideas to designers.


Spray Painting & Graffiti


Alexis Jamet is a French graphic designer and illustrator born in 1990. Before learning graphic design, Alexis produced fan magazine, video and photo themed skateboarding. Having worked for agencies and labels in Spain, North America and Britain, he is still living and working in Paris. The works of Alexis are always bright, textured and athletic. Loving for exploring the cooperation of new media and talented people, Alexis Jamet is now focusing on the commissions about visual art and his personal projects.


Alexis Jamet


KATSU is a New York graffiti artist is committed to using skills and public intervention to discuss commercialism, privacy and digital culture. Therefore, his works involve traditional graffiti, digital media and conceptual artworks.




Barcelona painter Nikolaos Schizas created dynamic abstract painting, which shows lively colors and an intense athletic and flowing feel. Inspired by the exploration of unawareness and depression, Schizas mixes acrylics, spray paints and resin together to paint on the canvas directly. Traditional brushes and unconventional tools(like spatula) are used to make sweeping and gestural marks. A self-taught painter, he expresses through his work a natural and intuitive passion for the materiality of paint, and an instinctual appreciation for emotionally charged color relationships.




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