S/S 2025 Womenswear Key Trend

Author:Spring 2023-12-11

Womenswear Key Trend


The fashion trend for spring/summer 2025 takes layering and conflict mixing as a new direction to showcase clothing combinations. From the transition of multiple scenes and the interpretation of classic single item layering, it emphasizes personalized, practical, and mixed play modes without boundaries, awakening more creative elements and things. The combination of layered layering and relaxed layering is the core of this season. Underwear perspective and swimsuit style layering bring a new way of dressing that is full of visual tension. Exquisite leisure and college ballet interpret the new trend of women's free mixing, while vest layering and multi-layer layering revolve around different layering techniques. Please refer to the following report for details.

Womenswear Key Trend
Unlike previous layering styles, the tank overlay style places more emphasis on the layering of the tank top with other items, creating a sense of layering and visual tension that is unforgettable. The collision of different items and materials with vest items creates a unique and unique dressing logic, creating a more diverse and colorful layering style.
Tank Layering
Underwear, as a personal item, presents an ambiguous and blurry state when it is revealed from the original "inner" space through the perspective fabric as the "outer", reflecting an implicit "fetishism" style projection. It focuses the outside world's attention on the body parts covered by a small thin piece of fabric, and its sexual attraction originates from the boundary between the covered and uncovered parts of the fabric, Especially when there is a certain degree of color difference between the fabric and the body, it is more attractive.
See-through Lingerie
With the continuous growth of emerging consumer groups, the originally fixed dressing standards for a certain occasion will be increasingly replaced by cross occasion dressing. By combining sporty styling with sophisticated Western clothing, the entire outfit becomes more diverse and brings a different dressing experience, showcasing a refined and casual women's mix and match trend.
Refined Casual