S/S 2024 Silhouette Trend for Dopamine Girlswear

Author:Spring 2023-07-05



Dopamine color dressing in spring and summer, highlights with vibrant colors and unique designs, eye-catching color combinations can add vitality and a sense of happiness, allowing the wearer to emit a positive and upbeat atmosphere. At the same time, the bright and cheerful color atmosphere of dopamine also provides children with a comfortable dressing experience.

Influenced by street photography and social media, the attention to dopamine color dressing is increasing. The dopamine color fashion is eye-catching and expresses personality and courage, aligning with the trend of anti-traditional and rule-breaking.




Dopamine-colored sportswear, with vibrant main tones, brings vitality and excitement. The combination of contrasting colors creates visual impact and freshness. The style of spring and summer sportswear is mainly relaxed and casual, suitable for daily wear or exercise.




The dopamine color matching of Korean-style suits focuses on creating a soft, gentle, and cute atmosphere to showcase the characteristics of Korean-style fashion. By maintaining color coordination and balance, combined with suitable patterns and details, it adds visual variation and interest, creating charming Korean-style suit designs.


Korean Style


Incorporating dopamine colors into home outfit design can add vitality and a sense of pleasure to the design. Home outfits focus on comfort and leisure, maintaining color harmony and coordination, creating a comfortable and enjoyable wearing experience, and incorporating dopamine colors into details and patterns, allowing children to feel relaxed and happy at home.




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