S/S 2023 Fashion Clothng Accessory Keywords

Author:Tom 2021-11-19

fashion clothing fabric

Facing up to the challenges of natural environment, social economy, international geopolitics, and science & culture development, the con-sumers and markets in 2023 have been more diversified and segmented. "Nature", "Environmental Protection", "Sustainability", "Science & Technology", "Safety", "Fun", and "Nostalgia" continue to be the keywords. POP-Fashion's fabric & accessory trend researchers focus on the contemporary keywords to present the all-around developing direction based on consumer psychology and industrial development.


fashion clothing fabric

Color & Pattern: Use lustrous tones with higher saturation in S/S 2023. Diversified fabric patterns show lively hearts, delicate geos, and blue-white denim stripes.

Material & Craft: Lustrous heavyweight silk is recommended for fabric-covered buttons. Metallic yarns are added to bring shines. Velvet, eco-friendly organic mycelial leather, denim, and cotton-linen are available as well. Try to embroidery on cotton-linen fabrics to show different patt-erns. The innovative use of felting provides diverse textures.

Suitable Positions: Overcoat placket, jacket placket, vest placket, shirt placket, front fly, etc.


Sensory Healing

Color & Silhouette: Work on plain monochromatic design, printed patterns, shiny sequins, and color gradient. Irregular linear tassels bring layers. Wide, fine, and raw-edged tassels bring the primitive qualities. The use of printed fabrics elevates the general dimensional effect.

Material & Craft: Cotton-linen braided tassels ply up and twist biodegradable cotton yarns. Sequins and feathers are graceful and flexible. The raw stitches of torn-up leather feel creative and retro. Sustainable tassels and threads are used to facilitate retrieval and reusage.

Suitable Positions: Outerwear, tops, trousers, dresses, skirts, etc.


fashion clothing material

Color & Pattern: Beyond activewear, performance buckles are used more on fashion apparels with enriched tones in S/S 2023. Maintaining the classic colorless tones, macaroon colors and motifs are also added this year.

Material & Craft: Use recycled GRS polyester, PET, or metal to create high-quality durable materials. Work on degradable materials to ex-

tend the longevity. The design of buckles is tend to be more minimalist and convenient. Decorative, extravagant performance buckle is also available. Develop snap fasteners with different materials to provide a unique space for statement designs.

Suitable Positions: Overcoat belt, vest placket, suspenders, pockets, front fly, etc.


fashion clothing material

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