Retro denim jeans look good for everyone

Author:Tom 2020-04-21

The dream back to the 80s! The 2020 retro tide sparked this pair of jeans, so they look good and fashionable!


Fashion has been talking for so long, it is undoubtedly an infinite circle. Now, those classic elements are sweeping again! Since the popular grandma wind of last year, there has been a trend towards a resurgence in the 1980s. Now, just after the 2020 Fashion Week, this pair of jeans of the same mother's style has become popular again!


denim jean


This high-waisted breasted style is believed to be absolutely familiar to everyone. It has appeared in some old movies and old Hong Kong dramas. However, the current styles have been properly improved, including fabric and tailoring. Like this butterfly sleeve design with white lace, it is particularly layered, and the design of lace and embroidery also looks refreshing and dreamy.




This straight retro jeans is also very inclusive of the figure. Whether it is a European or American figure or a pear-shaped figure that is common in Asians, it is very hideous. The loose trousers also modify the leg shape, even the fat girl can wear it with a sense of leisure oversize.


denim jeans


Look at the following blogger's pants. The comparison is quite obvious. Although the original material is relatively slim, the design of the flares pants modified the calf but enlarged the defects of the crotch and hips. The women with thick legs and hips are really need to buy it!


denim jean


Denim has always been a classic in the fashion circle for a long time, and the versatile function is not covered. You can wear it all year round. With a pair of high-heeled shoes, you can visually increase the proportion of your figure, and it looks like the legs are 1.8 meters long!


denim jean


Ken Dou's body ratio is already very good, but she also chose a pair of straight black jeans with a pair of sports old shoes, comfortable and simple. But the most scheming is the vacuum cardigan on the upper body! The simple knotted design is sexy and sultry. The contrast of the upper and lower body is both personal and special. It is really worthy of wear it.


Ken Dou's


Of course, women dare not wear vacuum suits who can also implicitly use a wrapped chest, suspenders or floral lining to match! This French style red knitted cardigan is really not too hot this year! The retro jeans with dark blue are casual and lazy, very textured but not monotonous, nor too exaggerated.


fashion jeans


There is no need to miss the solid color basic models of spring and summer. This short top and high waist jeans are a perfect match! It is also a good way to stretch the figure, whether it is on the side or front, the effect of wearing the paper person in minutes. It is high-grade and textured with metal jewelry, and the woven pastoral handbag looks sweet and sweet, and it is salt and sweet.


fashion denim jeans


Who will not have such a solid shirt in spring? The light khaki color is low-key and white, with jeans has a different kind of tenderness and sexy. The ground jeans should be paired with high-heeled boots to reduce drag and increase the sense of neatness.


denim jeans


In short, such a pair of vintage jeans is really very nice! Who wears who looks good!


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