Restoration Design of The Special Trend for Men's and Women's Denim

Author:Alice 2020-04-23

Men's and Women's Denim


Environmental certification reflects a rethinking of fabric and washing trends that will drive the development of modern denim casual wear in S/S 2021. Water pollution and textile waste have been two major challenges for denim production. With a stronger environmental protection awareness in this season, the denim industry recycles and reuses to reduce waste and water consumption, and also increases the use of sustainable recycled materials. Upgrading the practical design is also a direction of this theme. Denim transformation and environmental protection usher in business opportunities. Deconstruction replaces discard to define the aesthetics of recycling.


Men's and Women's Denim


Individual denim looks still influence the modern splicing in S/S 2021. Laser laundering technique and vivid retro technologies are combined with handicrafts to enhance the retro feeling. Highly contrasting denim blue creates modern and chic denim looks. Tone-on-tone, asymmetric splicing and distressed design which makes a sharp contrast with the original color, all inspire the durable splicing design.


Restoration Design -- Durable Splicing


In S/S 2021, inspired by asymmetric texture brought by dip-dyeing, bluish black and black denim creates a commercial and neutral smoky effect through eco-friendly acid pickling and vivid laser technology. Washing presents a smoky charcoal color and a stained effect, fit for core silhouettes and workwear silhouettes of menswear and womenswear.


Environmentally-friendly Smoky Design


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