Reproducing 80'S of The Theme Trend for S/S 2021 Denim

Author:Tom 2020-04-27

women's denim


The 1980s' style is used to re-create denim items, and modern forms are adopted to reproduce classical denim looks of the 1980s. The powerful feel is synonymous with the 1980s. This season denim items use clean-cut shoulder lines to highlight the silhouette, apply retro indigo tones to be more wearable, adopt primitive elements to enhance the classical denim textures, and make use of laser and ozone technology to reproduce the charm of retro 1980s' denim.


women's denim


The 1980s is a golden age of human fashion and a period of fashion change. At that time, personalized thought began to wake up and exerted its value. Designers boldly applied the wide shoulder which symbolizes power to denim items, quite individual. So clothing of the 1980s takes on a simple and convenient effect. Various washing crafts are combined to create fashionable items. The 1980s style reflects that currently youngsters are tired of the mainstream fashion.




Denim of the 1980s takes on classical blue tones with low saturation. Greyish tones are added to make blue more subdued and calm. Classic indigo is widely applied to workwear jackets and trousers. Light blue tones are more suitable for modern wide-shoulder suits, outerwear and sets.


Reproducing 80'S


In the 1980s, business women thought the wide-shoulder to be queenly, and added two big pads to the shoulder to create a powerful visual impact. This season designers apply denim fabric to reproduce the powerful feel of the 1980s women, and add a waisted detail to accentuate female form. Denim fabric also brings a relaxing feel for the suit-like outerwear.


Wide Shoulder


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