Recreated Classic Art Theme Trend for 2020/2021 Autumn Winter Kidswear

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Famous paintings are strongly artistic. Some people hope that more people could feel the beauty of art. French artist Julien de Casabianca launched Outings Project, which put famous paintings on streets. Spanish artist Lino Lago showed his "Fake Abstract" and reinvented a series of traditional portrait paintings during the Renaissance. He used bright colors to cover those paintings and only left parts of the original paintings. Madsaki from Kaikai Kiki Gallery recreated famous paintings in a weird way. Street hand scrawls and paintings are mixed. Classic themes are reinterpreted in a sustainable way.


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Inspiration Events -- Recreated Art

Event 1: Lucie Kruta got inspiration from famous paintings and recorded his daughter's growing process in a artistic and unique way. Event 2: Ryo Inoue, a young animator in Japan, reinvented famous paintings in an offbeat way and created Painting Melody, which introduces famous paintings in around a minute and a half.




IP -- Olive Elise

Olive Elise with short hair comes from Georgia, U.S. Her unique and versatile vintage outfits attract lots of people. Under the leading of her mother Karla Jean Davis, she and her sister Ora Winter play with the vintage and fashionable style.


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Brand -- Gucci

A 1980s sentiment can be felt in Gucci's resort 2019 collection. Ornate details and vintage neon tones are dramatic and appealing. Checked suits, preppy dresses, pleated skirts and checked cardigans in different colors and styles show a vintage, ornate and dramatic quality.




Color -- Artistic Palette

From the opening of the Palace Museum and the British Museum, the releasing of collaboration collection, artists' reinventing art works and Google's Art Selfie, we can see art has been in our daily lives. Vintage and modern colors from artistic works are combined to create the palette. Furnace red and wood yellow are basic tones, which are matched with lime blue, grass green, maple yellow to make a contrast and elevate the palette.


Color -- Artistic Palette


Pattern -- Expanding and Creating

Inspirations from interior designing in Middle Ages are absorbed. Complex logos and vintage wallpaper-like geometric shapes renew patterns. Animal prints and other graphics are combined to add richness. Famous paintings are still key. Famous paintings and hand scrawls are paired to show vintage street looks.


Pattern -- Expanding and Creating


Fabric -- Reinvented Checks

Checked fabrics are presented with double visual effects, deconstructed surfaces and melange yarns. Wools, acrylic fibers and polyester blends are combined to elevate the value, function and art. Jacquard, print, fringing and piecing renew traditional check fabrics.


Fabric -- Reinvented Checks


Key Item -- Vintage Jackets

Inspired by bomber jackets and biker jackets, big brands like Louis Vuitton released vintage jackets. Wide shoulders, large sleeves, shiny materials and different materials deliver a vintage and modern feel. Highly saturated bright colors are added.


Vintage Jackets


Clothing Collocation -- Autumn(Shirt)

Shirts are versatile. Vintage stripes and ditsies show a 1980s sentiment. Shirts can be matched with sweatshirts, jackets and suits. Denim brings a street vibe. Understated and artistic tones are key. Narrow stripes, linear checks and ditsies are highlighted.


Clothing Collocation -- Autumn(Shirt)


Clothing Collocation -- Late Autumn(Knitwear)

Knitwear with artistic paintings on stand out. They can be matched with corduroy pants and shirts to create a deep vintage feel. The cardigan with the teal neck and irregular geometric patterns are artistic. The loose cardigan is paired with the Victoria-style ditsies chiffon dress to convey a slouchy and delicate look. Grass green, furnace red and maple are combined together.




Clothing Collocation -- Winter(Jacket)

Lime blue and red wood are main tones which are brightened by maple, light denim and light khaki. The mix of cold and warm tones feels cosy and vintage. It is a highlight to combine large vintage jackets with slim T-shirts. Leopard print adds street glamour.


clothing jacket


Clothing Collocation -- Late Winter(Overcoat)

Brown tones are much more popular. Furnace red and wood yellow are key. The palette is deep. Red brown creates a modern delicate vibe. Tweed coats and checked coats are key items for winter. The leisure inner layers work best for winter outings.





Recommended Brand

memory in tw: Pared-back silhouettes and textures are key. Vintage colors feel artistic. Christian Dior: Inspirations from the British culture's classic, rebellious and elegant qualities help recreation. Burberry: checks and leopard print are combined to show vintage street looks. Anteprima: bright colors and vintage styles interpret neoclassicism and show a modern and vintage style. Louis Vuitton: Checkerboard makes a comeback. Wide-shoulder coats are modern. Miki Hat brings a French vintage style. The whole collection crosses the lines of classics and direction.


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