Recommended Pattern Artist of Montage Visual Art

Author:Tom 2021-05-14

women's pattern


The architecture term Montage was firstly extended into the movie art, and it was later applied in the field of visual art. Nowadays, many artists will use the Montage technique during the artistic creation. James Rosenquist was one of the main promoters of American Pop Art in the last century. During his early career from 1957 to 1960, James painted billboards on the American streets. And this three-year-long experience make him start to produce abstract creation with surrealism and Montage.


James Rosenquist


After 1960, James finished his early career as a label painter. Then he tried to enlarge the structure of cubism and abstract expressionism. Montage technique was combined with surrealism to blur the structure of huge pictures, which just like the close-up shot of movie. Recently, the cooperation of Lanvin and James Rosequist Fund used a series of prints to salute to the works of American artists. Montage and surrealism are integrated into the culture of Millennial era, which is loved by many brands and fans.


James Rosenquist x Lanvin


The international famous painter Peter Doig was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1959. His layered painting is combined with imagination to express the childhood memory in an abstract way. All his works perfectly handle the balance between being concrete and abstract. Distinct scenes are unified as one.


Peter Doig


DIOR MEN is collaborated with Peter Doig to release its latest A/W 2021 collection. Military element plays an important role in this season. The works of Peter Doig and his Milky Way(1990) are perfectly presented on clothes by Kim Jones. Besides, Peter also created a dog pattern and a lion pattern for DIOR.


Peter Diog x DIOR MEN


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