Rebirth & Close to Nature of The Comprehensive Analysis of New York Fashion Week

Author:Tom 2020-11-20

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Due to COVID-19, this year New York Fashion Week has been shortened from the usual eight days to four, and fewer than 10 designers hold physical shows for their latest collections. Despite the severe condition in New York, many brands still hold fashion shows offline, which reveals the determination of the whole fashion industry to survive and return to happiness. Many designers draw inspiration from the relationship between man and nature, and some put the show in the woods. Beautiful flowers and nature-inspired patterns characterize this season. In the meantime, people are stuck at home, and they have a growing demand for home decorations. Therefore, diverse and eco-friendly concept is also warmly welcomed in S/S 2021. This season features exaggerated expressions, such as the big bowknot, spreading ruffles and dramatic hem designs, as well as various joyful colors which represent hope and rebirth.


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In S/S 2021 New York Fashion Week, many designers draw inspiration from the relationship between man and nature, and some put the show in the woods. As a result, outdoor style clothes emerge sharply. Worn-out earth or jungle colors, workwear elements, crafted splicing and childlike hand-painted doodles bring audience closer to nature, symbolize return and rebirth, and reflect the importance of environmental protection.


Outdoor Natural Style


Telecommuting reflects the humanistic care more, as well as the harmony between clothing and human. Materials include draped silk and satin, knitted fabrics and worsted cotton and linen. Colors are visually friendly, such as beige, light brown, pink and brown tones. Silhouettes are not fitted, highlighting comfort. Fitted suits pair with mid-length dresses or inners, with sandals or flip-flops, to present languid yet elevated telecommuting looks.


Telecommuting Style


Despite this sudden coronavirus, designers still love fashion and pursue appropriate colors. This season girls' wear combines realistic colors with comfort and ease to release vitality and boost our emotions. This idyllic season is dreamy and innocent. Elements are romantic and sweet, such as girly prints, 3D floral decorations, soft gauze, colored stripes and retro polka dots.


Spring Girly Style


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