Author:Tom 2019-12-30

The domestic brand Randomevent, founded in 2011, has always been based on the youth culture and the streets, and has integrated modern and retro temperament into clothing. It has not been unfamiliar in the past two years. In the retro wave, PUMA, as a world-renowned sports brand, chose to work with Randomevent to bring a new joint series.




In the clothing section, Randomevent invited the artist Zhang Quan to create a series of "flower" patterns, launch a variety of T-shirts and coats, and create innovative and bold streetwear with rich and colorful colors. With the core spirit of "make things worse but cool" in the shoes section, four shoes are launched.




PUMA SELECT brand spokesman Dou Jingtong casually interprets the PUMA × RANDOMEVENT series. The co-branded series will be pre-sold at Randomevent's Shanghai flagship store on January 3, and will be on sale on Randomevent's official website and all domestic PUMA stores on January 6.



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