Princess Diana's Sweater

Author:Emily 2019-08-30

As the leisure sports style has become more and more popular, major luxury brands have also launched comfortable sweaters and running pants. Represented by Gucci, each season has launched a lot of fancy retro stylish sweaters, so that many rich people can not put it down.


A Gucci's sweater with an embroidered pattern is more than 10,000 pieces. Although the workmanship is very good, it is just a sweater. It seems that it is not worth the price. It should be a brand premium.




If Gucci's sweaters are too expensive, then the sweater that I said next, there is no big blessing, nor is it a high-grade fabric, just a piece of cotton sweater with a large area of "Virgin advertising" printed on dark blue. It is 30 times that of Gucci's sweater.


Gucci's style


But this sweater has a history that Gucci can't match. Its original version is only one piece in the world, and the original owner is the famous Princess Diana.


Princess Diana always loves to wear this sweater to find the personal training Jenni Rivett fitness, every time she will using this sweater with casual sports wear that looks very energetic and fashionable.


Princess Diana


Princess Diana's sweater


Although Princess Diana is a British royal family, her personality is freedom. She will not wear much better because she is a royal family. It is her style. Maybe this sweater is too good to wear and it is so good to match, so she wears fitness again and again.


Later, the owner of the sweater became the Diana’s personal teacher Jenni Rivett, who handed over the sweater to the auction house and auctioned more than 50,000 US dollars, which was then donated to charity. It was also Diana’s expectation when she was alive.


Diana’s sweater


In the era of Diana, sweaters were used for sports wear. Today, sweaters have become the representative of fashion trends. No matter how cheap and expensive the sweaters are, it is best for them.


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