Popular Womenswear Designer Brands in the First Half of 2020

Author:Alice 2020-06-22



TOP 50 Popular Designer Brands in the First Half of 2020

This report ranks the top 30 brands based on downloading interactive data of users in the first half of 2020, extracts designers brands with high market heat and topicality, and analyzes hot elements.


TOP 50 Popular Designer Brands


According to data analysis of styles, leisure-luxe style gains the most attention and ranks the first, followed by simple and sophisticated style. Avant-garde fashion brands drop.


Data Analysis of Styles


TOP 1 -- Off-White

American brand Off-White is founded by Virgil Abloh in 2014. It walks between street culture and popular fashion and interprets youth culture with contemporary elements. Its symbols include the black-whit logo and four arrows. But in S/S 2020, it uses a new logo, a face and two palms. The new logo means a new start. In the latest Pre-Fall 2020 collection, Virgil Abloh resets office wear and subverts the loose silhouette. The fitted cutting dominates and mixes with street elements to present brand-new design concept.


Off-White brand style


TOP 2 -- ADER error

ADER error is founded in 2014 in Seoul. It has been synonymous with retro preppy brand, independent designer brand and Korean fashion brand. It has been praised by American VOGUE as the Korean Vetements. Its S/S 2020 series is inspired by the arcade game Space Invaders by Tomohiro Nishikado in 1978. ADER error shows the audience that it is just a simple clothing brand, but a creative diversified group.


ADER error


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