Popular Grandma Pants are Trendy and Versatile in 2020

Author:Tom 2020-01-19

Although leggings are best for winter, but in this year, to wear leggings is a bit outdated and a bit cheesy. Maybe change your leggings to this pair of pants. It is the most popular pair of pants in 2020. It's fashionable and versatile, some women are liking to wear it.


women's leggings


What is so hot pants? It is grandma's pants. The retro style of the past two years has been very hot, and a variety of retro-style clothes have emerged, and grandma pants are one of them. The reason why this kind of pants is particularly popular is that it is versatile and fashionable, it is not easy to pick people, and it shows long legs. How can everyone miss these pants with so many advantages.


women's pants


The so-called grandma pants are literally the pants worn by the grandmothers. These pants have a larger version, but they are different from wide-leg pants. They are slightly slimmer than wide-leg pants. The trouser legs are slightly looser and comfortable to wear without a sense of restraint. From the material point of view, most of its fabrics are soft, such as knitted fabrics, silk fabrics, corduroy fabrics, etc. These clothes look good on the body.


women's pants


Don't worry about how to choose grandma pants, the simplest is to wear a variety of classic colors. Black and white granny pants are everyone's first choice. These two colors of pants are best paired with clothes, no matter what color of the top is not easy to go wrong. In addition, a variety of warm colors are also very popular, such as beige, light coffee and a series of brown colors, it is very suitable for winter wear. They wear a warm feeling, they are more gentle when combined, and they are the favorite of many girls who like to take the light mature woman route.


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Today's granny pants follow fashion trends and are more fashionable to wear. In addition to some classic and earth-colored granny pants, bright-colored granny pants such as red, pink, orange and other colors are also very popular with fashionable ladies. Grandma pants like some leather and woolen cloth who were also came into being, they are more textured and contoured, and more fashionable. There is also a checkered pattern of grandma pants which is to play the retro element to the extreme.


grandma pants


Granny Pants Clothing Collocation


Granny pants + sweater


Because of its pants type, granny pants don't pick leggings, so you can wear them regardless of weight. But how to match this version of pants to be more fashionable and taller? First of all, we must learn to choose the right sweater. Since the pants on the lower body belong to a loose fit, the sweaters on the upper body cannot be worn too loosely. If you want to be tall, you must show a high waist line, then you must match a short sweater, you can also plug the sweater into the pants.


Granny pants + sweater


A simple solid-colored sweater with a solid-colored grandma pants is the most sophisticated. For example, a white sweater with a black grandma pants is a classic color match, it is not easy to make mistakes, and it is also best for novices. If you want to wear more advanced sense, then you can't miss the matching method of the same color system, but you still don't want to try a black outfit, it is easy to be old-fashioned. A white, beige, or brown color combination will make the look more layered and less bloated. However, pls remember that the colors between clothes must have a layered sense, and remember that the same color is worn from beginning to end.


women's pants


Granny pants + high heel boots


If you want to be tall with grandma pants, then you must wear shoes. High-heeled boots are a good choice. Nowadays, some suit pants are also made of grandma pants, which are comfortable and fashionable to wear. Commuters wear suit-style grandma pants with pair of high-heeled boots, it is so fashionable. A low girl can choose to wear nine-point-length granny pants with pair of high-heeled boots, which will show leg length. And a tall girl can wear a pair of granny pants to the feet, revealing the toe in front and a little heel in the back.


women's pants


Pointed-toe style stiletto boots, such as socks and boots, coupled with granny pants, will make wearing more fashionable and feminine. Of course, you can also wear thick high-heeled boots with two heads, paired with granny pants, it will make the retro taste more intense. If you want to be tall, the color of pants and boots should be the same. Black is the best choice that everyone agrees on.


women's pants


Are you still wearing leggings in winter? Don't wear leggings anymore this year, it's too vulgar, you might as well change the leggings to the hottest pants in 2020. It's grandma's trousers, stylish, versatile, and significantly taller.


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