Playful and Chic of Brand Alfonso

Author:Alice 2019-08-21

Fashion Kids Brand of Alfonso

Alfonso is a South Korean baby&toddler brand run by Zero to Seven. It mainly designs stylish and comfortable denim products. For the A/W drops, playfulness and Americana freedom are emphasized.


Comfort and ease are what Alfonso pays attention to. The dropped shoulder is still favored by designers. For girl's tops, ruffles are most popular. In this season, ruffles made of different materials are also applied to the hem. Stripes, bold text are still hot. The palette is brighter.

The combo of bright yellow and grey adds depth. The jacquard diamond shapes bring newness via changeable textures. The knitted vest is the ideal matching item.
Knitwear Pieces
The styles of dresses are diverse. The combo of the striped dress and sweatshirt is popular. The pleats at the waist and the large ruffle collar add a sweet and girly sentiment. Checks and polka dots are combined with the retro dress. The sheers dress continues into this season. Layered sheers are simple and soft, while the leggings are playful.
Changeable Dresses
Casual denim plays a key role for Alfonso. For kids&tweens apparel, denim's crisp effect and Americana casual style are emphasized. Large pockets are applied to coats and dresses. for babies and toddlers, soft tactility is key, and the romper brings newness.
fashion kidswear denim
The outdoor outerwear holds a bigger share this season. Simple and wearable qualities are underlined. The teddy fleece pieced jacket and color-blocking baseball jacket are still popular. The thin padded coat is the important direction.
Simple Coats
Vintage velvet brings a luxe feel to the romper. The suspender romper and simple tee are stylish.
The Romper
The animal folded ear hat, fringing scarf and mock collar decorated with pompons add interest.