Patterns in Go Go Squid

Author:Alice 2019-07-25

The recent popular TV series "Go Go Squid" was first broadcast on Oriental TV and Zhejiang Satellite TV on July 9, 2019.



"Go Go Squidis" adapted from the novel "Milk Stew and Squid", which tells the romantic dream love story of the protagonist and Han Shangyan. The circle of friends and Weibo are filled with the Tong Yan (Yang Zi) and Han Shangyan's (Li Xian ) love.


Among them, Yang Zi played the "Golden Goddess" in the face of the cold and domineering president, the sudden love at first sight began to sprout, the sweet love story of the Tong Yan and Han Shangyan satisfied the hearts of many viewers! Everyone is also look forward to having such a love!



Yang Zi, who is full of young girls, is not only a drama, but also a girl who dresses in a cool style. She has a sense of solitude and a sense of street fashion.


Yang Zi's fashion style


To be an important element that reflects the sense of a girl, the pattern is indispensable.


Fashion Brand of JOYRICH's Letter Print Pattern


JOYRICH's fashion pattern shirt


JOYRICH is a brand developed by creative director Taka Okude and designer Leah Schmidt and David Melgar with an international perspective. The design concept blends vintage and avant-garde elements, emphasizing brand uniqueness and rich and varied popular views, and subtly balancing the streets styles with fashion.



Since its launch, JOYRICH has been sought after by fashion stars all over the world, such as: Hollywood P.Daddy, NBA superstar LeBron James, DJ Dan, Japan's Kimura Takuya, Amuro Namie, South Korea's Super Junior, Fisiland Li Hongji, China's Jay Chou , Jolin Tsai, Wu Yifan, etc. are all fans of JOYRICH.


Cool Graffiti Star Brand Moschino


Moschino is an Italian brand which named after Franco Moschino. It was founded in 1983. The product is famous for its weird design. The style is noble, charming, fashionable and playful.


Moschino's style


Moschino, famous for its style, is an oddity in Milan's fashion industry, which is solid and elegant. His design is always full of playful game sense and humorous satire on fashion, unique and interesting.


Chinese Fashion Brand - Personality Slogan Continues Hot


The fundamental shift in consumer demand and thinking – that is, no longer limited to the satisfaction of life needs, but also to the satisfaction of a certain way of life and life. At the same time, the return of traditional culture and the growing public awareness of culture have also promoted the rise of the local “national tide” to some extent.


In this era, our national tide is on the rise, and many slogans of personality are continuing to be hot. Different slogans, with different meanings and even changes in size, will convey a different fashion attitude.


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