Pattern Trend of Caring for the Earth

Author:Alice 2020-03-03

menswear pattern

The earth is the only home of human beings. Only when the natural environment is in a harmonious state of ecological balance, can the future of human beings be optimistic. In recent years, the frequent natural disasters, the melting of glaciers and the gradual extinction of species show that it is extremely urgent to protect the ecological balance of the earth. The outbreak of NCP also exposes many hidden problems. Therefore, we must maintain the diversity of species and work together to protect our planet.


Inspiration Source

The clothing industry is paying more and more attention to environmental protection. From recycling fabrics to using environmental-friendly fabrics and environmental-friendly dyeing, brands are gradually carrying out environmental protection. "Fashion sustainability" is Zegna's environmental philosophy. In A/W 2020 and 2021 Milan Fashion Week, when Zegna was displaying the R-EA collection, the SLOGAN "I AM SAYING YES TO RECYCLING" was rolling around. And the slogan is printed on the back of all styles, representing the direct and strong determination of environment protection.


fashion style

After the outbreak, public awareness of environmental protection will be greatly enhanced. The sustainable logo and the earth are combined with the slogan to inject new ideas into the lettered pattern.


Slogans of Environmental Protection

Doodled letters are more casual and artistic than regular letters. Letters can be applied to different parts instead of the center to show the unique design sense. The unruly street fashion is combined with good hope, bringing a strong impact.


Slogans of Environmental Protection

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