Pattern Trend for The Chinese Fashion

Author:Alice 2019-10-09

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The Chinese fashion is actually Chinese designers add their own design style, personal thoughts and living attitudes to their design. The fashionable brands have no specific mode for the content and the way of expressing. However, based on the local designs, elements and feelings, the retrospect and recreation of its history and culture extend the confidence in the national culture to this era. This also expresses the new generation's pursuing for their own feelings and personalities, creating for themselves and refusing being mediocre.


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People are more and more fashionable at present and personality becomes the mainstream idea of this era. With the rise of Chinese fashion, more and more Chinese fashion brands are born. Different from foreign fashion trends, the Chinese fashion is closer to express the living attitudes of Chinese people and Chinese cultural spirits.




The combination of pictures and characters can help with each other to express the individuality. It is rich in meaning and retains the beauty of pictures and characters.

The Combination of Pictures And Characters

People always have romantic imagination of the age they can't touch. The retro style is the hotspot. Currently, the style of 1910s to 1940s and the Hong Kong style are getting popular. The generations of 1980 and 1990 have the feeling and interest in things which can remind them of their childhoods as if the innocent dream were starting again.

The Retro Feeling
Design of Chinese characters makes the entirety simpler and more reasonable, suitable for menswear. The focus is the meaning of Chinese characters and their shapes. Texts like buzzwords, slogans could express selves and reach self-approval. Chinese calligraphy characters create the cultured and elegant, free and easy atmosphere of the Chinese national style. The unexpected visual impact is made by twisting characters, adding malfunctional impact and the combination of characters' fonts.
Individual Chinese Characters

Based on the combination of pictures and characters, designers grasp the fun tightly and make use of current affairs and mentality to create the hilarious, humorous and life-teasing pattern. The timely, quick and original pattern caters to youngsters moved by the changing trends.

Funny Pictures And Characters
Food is the element that provokes Chinese feelings the most and is close to the retro pattern. The snacks once on the street, and snacks we ran to shops to buy during childhood, they all carry strong feelings of Chinese people.
A Bite of China
The ancient China has profound culture. These belong to China and can be recreated. Apart from Chinese characters, religions, mythical creatures, auspicious patterns and ancient paintings are the pattern element which can be reshaped. The attention is the current popular painting style should be mixed to balance the collision of tradition and fashion, and to create fashionable patterns with deep Asian culture.
Traditional Elements