Off-White x Louvre

Author:Tom 2019-12-17

The one who was familiar with Off-White must be no stranger to this wave of "putting famous paintings on the body". Last year, Off-White launched the Mona Lisa painting series, and the famous paintings with the iconic design of the brand are impressive.




In the year, Off-White collaborated with the Louvre Museum to launch a joint theme featuring Da Vinci's work and chose to shoot this series in the Louvre.


Off-white brandOff-white brand


In order to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Da Vinci's death, Virgil Abloh combined Da Vinci's famous paintings with the brand's logo in the series into prints on clothing. The much-anticipated joint name will open on February 24th, and can be purchased at the Louvre online store or Off-White offical store.



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