New Collaboration of Brand H&M x Giambattista Valli

Author:Tom 2019-11-05

H&M Giambattista Valli


H&M, who loves to work with designer brands, recently teamed up with Italian haute couture brand Giambattista Valli to create a collection of everyday and dresses.


Many people are not familiar with Giambattista Valli, the name is too long to remember, just use GV for the time being, GV is the designer's eponymous brand, he is a downright Italian, born in Rome, from the school time to contact art and fashion until 2005, he founded his own brand of the same name.


Giambattista Valli


In the beginning, it was only made into a clothing series, and the officially made haute couture series was in 2011. GV has very distinctive design features for advanced customization, and a gauze dress like a layer cake is his special feature. The women are very immortal, like a super beautiful brilliant flower.


layered dresses


This year's collaboration with H&M includes a dress with a distinctive brand and a variety of beautifully printed ready-to-wear. Most of the pricing is at the price of 150usd. Although it is not the mass price of H&M, it is called "cabbage price" compared to the pricing of GV itself.


H&M dresses


Such a good dress and low price, and so much attention by the fashion media, will it be just the effect of "thunder and heavy rain"? After all, GV is expensive to sell, materials and tailoring must be excellent, and the price of the series with H&M has shrunk by 10 times. Can there be a beautiful effect?


There are a fashion editors abroad who have tried some of the styles of this series, as ordinary people put them on, and made a real evaluation.


1. The most representative red dress


Editor's comment: The version is very good, it won't be messy, but I just don't know what to wear.


H&M red dresses


2. Printed V-neck dress


Editor's comment: The print is really super beautiful, or the style of the waist, it is very suitable for winter to attend the wedding, it is just only need to wear a wool coat.


printed v neck style

3. Printed trim long coat


Editor's comment: The printed trim on the coat is very retro, so the design of the coat is not expensive designer price, really good.

Printed trim long coat


4. Dark print dress


Editor's comment: If you like the prairie style, this one is perfect for your party dress. My favorite part is the ruffle of its cuff.


dark print dress


5. Crystal embroidery mini skirt


Editor's comment: There are many crystal and flower embroidery around the collar, but it won't be too cumbersome. I am not a person who likes miniskirts, but this one is really not annoying.


print short style dress


6. Pink gauze tube strapless dress


Editor's comment: I never thought that I would wear this sweet skirt, but always try something new. The color of the skirt itself is really beautiful. If you have this one, it will definitely look good.


Pink gauze tube strapless dress


7. Black Polka Dot Semi-Transparent Dress


Editor's comment: This is a low-priced skirt in the series, but its cut and fabric will not make you feel bad. Long sleeves and short skirts are perfectly balanced. If I want to wear a mini dress to go to a party, it must be it.


Black Polka Dot Semi-Transparent Dress


It seems that the cooperation series between H&M and GV is still very powerful, and it can buy 1500usd or even 15000usd of designer items in a thousand dollars, but it should be mad on the day of sale.


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