Memory Contact Theme Color Trend for Women's Knitwear

Author:Tom 2020-09-15

Women's Knitwear


Collective trauma, looser relationship between people, and escapism stand out in the post-coronavirus era, so we need new emotional sustenance and boost our moods. Online life becomes a weapon against challenges and depression in reality. Demand for an indigenous cultural lifestyle is on the rise. People worship heroism and dedication more, thus safer, more practical and more direct objects are favored. 1. Upload (Season 1), an American sci-fi TV series, is a comedy to remind people of the preciousness of life and the reflection on reality. 2. An British band Disclosure joins hands with Blockworks to bring a Virtual Space experience, thus enhancing its album appeal. 3. This Covid-19 pandemic highlights the importance of grass-roots employees. 4. The 21-year-old entrepreneur Jeremiah Emmanuel in August 2020 published his first book, Dreaming in a Nightmare, telling his identity and opportunity issues. More and more youngsters take cues from persons and things in daily life and face the reality more positively.


Women's Knitwear


Online life is a new lifestyle and socializing way for the younger generation, in that they can express themselves freely online. Bold colors become the representative of this theme. Passionate orange turns into an important complementary color. Fluorescent yellow, blue and green are free and lively. Pink emphasizes a lively, dynamic and warm vibe.


Digital Connection


Unique and striking styling is the dressing style of the younger generation. Asymmetric cutting, lingerie look, layered gauze, corsets and metal chains offer creative looks. Cartoon patterns, ruffles and puff sleeves enhance the girly vibe.


Digital Connection catwalk look


Mary's Rose delivers an illusive digital feel and displays softness and liveliness of pink. In the post-coronavirus era, it makes a stronger rhythmic visual impact and brings vitality and hope.


Mary's Rose pink color


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