Mate In 19/20 A/W Designer Brand for Women's Fur Wear

Author:Jessica 2018-11-05



Mate was established in 2015. It got great feedback from customers and media since the first season. Inspiration are from all over the world: Jaipur, Peru, Morocco, stars, moon and Hawaii. The Theme of 18/19 A/W is the Hawaiian palm tree and beach.



Hawaiian Palm Tree


Inspiration of 18/19 A/W is from the Hawaiian palm tree. Different Hawaiian beaches and palm trees are the main patterns.



Splicing of Different Materials


Splicing of different materials and colors creates a layered visual effect. Piecing of 2-4 different fur exude a luxury feel. Small panels of fur could be fully used. The overall styling is simple and fashionable.



Splicing of Materials with Different Colors


Fur Panels with different colors are mixed to create a new style.



Lapel Collar Overcoat


Collar is a crucial part. Lapel collar is noticeable and mature.



Mate Street Snap