Mary Jane flat shoes are popular in 2020

Author:Tom 2020-04-30

The temperature is constantly rising now. Is it that you can't wait to put on a small skirt? However, when pairing skirts, don't wear those white shoes that have't changed for years. This year, the fashion circle has already started to wear the Mary Jane shoes. These flat shoes are not only comfortable and durable, but also the style is retro, whether it is with a skirt or pants are fashionable and beautiful, hurry up and get some common Mary Jane shoes and their clothing collocation!


Marry Jane shoes


NO.1 One strap Mary Jane shoes


One strap Marry Jane shoes


Mary Jane shoes originated from the popular comic "Buster Brown" at the beginning of the last century. The heroine Mary Janes often wore a pair of baotou styles and flat shoes with an instep strap on the upper. Because the shape of the shoe is very cute, it became a classic item worn on the street! Emma Roberts is wearing classic Mary Jane shoes, burgundy velvet material looks whiter on the feet, with hair-edged jeans, straightforward and retro!


Marry Jane shoes


The red Mary Jane shoes are very suitable for yellow summer girls to wear, especially in matching floral dresses, its advantages are more prominent. Europe and the United States fashion bloggers have chosen an eye-catching tube top floral dress, generously exposed slender shoulder arm and clavicle curve, very suitable for summer cool days, if you are worried about going out, you can also take a short small leather coat Petite suits. Note that the blogger chose the red Mary Jane shoes, which complement each other with the skirt print, which is more harmonious.


NO.2 Romanesque Mary Jane shoes


Mary Jane shoes


With the popularity of Mary Jane shoes, designers are gradually not satisfied with the traditional one instep strap style, but combined with the design style of Roman shoes, to create a Romanesque Mary Jane shoe composed of multiple instep straps. This pair of single shoes and wide-leg pants are popular among European and American hipsters. If girls like street style, they can choose to use wide-leg jeans and Roman-style Mary Jane shoes. The wide-leg version can cover the flesh at the thigh , black Mary Jane shoes are injected with retro feelings.


Mary jane shoes


For mature women in their thirties or forties, the Romanesque Mary Jane shoes can completely replace the tired high-heeled shoes, so that your wide-leg pants can be worn to show the smart style of urban women! Girls with a height of about 155cm are better to choose this kind of high-waisted wide-leg pants, instantaneously raise the waist line position, optimize the proportion of body shape, note that the length of the trouser legs is preferably at least 9 points, otherwise it may cover the shoes. The color of the top is also as consistent as possible with the shoe body, it looks more advanced!


NO.3 Pointed Mary Jane shoes


Mary jane shoes


The traditional Mary Jane shoes have round heads. Although they look cute, it is easy for girls who have not enough slender legs to appear shorter and shorter in the calf. Therefore, we recommend that women start with this pointed-end Mary Jane shoe. For example, this blogger wears black Mary Jane shoes. The pointed toe lasts more effectively to extend the legs. With the black and white check skirt above the knee, it is tall and thin, which is very suitable for weekend date outfit!


Mary jane shoes


This year's Mary Jane single shoes with this scarf tie design are also very popular. The combination of pointed toe lasts amplifies its inherent retro feeling! In wearing, the top can choose this off-shoulder plaid shirt, breaking the rustic of the common plaid shirt, combined with the waist slim design. With a pair of jean shoes with a small straight design, the legs are modified to be more straight, which is very suitable for girls with pear-shaped bodies or legs that are not perfect!


NO.4 Cross strap Mary Jane shoes


cross strap Mary Jane shoes


The cross-tie Mary Jane shoes are considered to be more complicated in this type of single shoes. It combines the style of ballet shoes that have been popular in recent years. The strap design is used on the upper to strengthen the overall sense of hierarchy. The look is more cute and girlish. If you like girls wearing Japanese-style Mori style, you may wish to replace your commonly used big-toed shoes with red Mary Jane shoes, with floral cotton and linen vest skirt full of artistic style!


Mary jane shoes


If you feel that it is too difficult to master the Mori style, you can also try the combination of shirt skirt + cross-tie Mary Jane shoes, it is very fresh, and it is full of summer wear! The haze blue shirt skirt is simple in shape, and it can be perfectly held no matter whether commuting or going to school. The Mary Jane shoes designed with mesh straps instantly break the dullness, just as elegant as a ballet girl! However, it should be noted that this strap design is not suitable for girls with too thick legs.


Mary jane shoes


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