Mango Mojito color is very beautiful for women in 2020

Author:Tom 2020-04-29

Fashion is a reincarnation. Compared to outdated popular items, it is the truth to follow popular colors. The ice cream color and macaron color that are popular in this year. The cool white girl can follow the trend, but the yellow and black girl can only stay away. It's ok! There is a bright color can be worn by a girl who has yellow and skin, the color is the mango mojito.



Mango Mojito is a summer drink blended with white rum, mint leaves, mango flesh, lime juice and soda water, so the mango mojito (PANTONE 15-0960) evolved from it that was born with enthusiasm and coolness, it makes people feel better!


Mango mojito is different from other ordinary yellows. Its saturation is between golden and orange. It has both golden luster and orange fullness. Many times it is mistaken for ginger, but mango mojito lost a bit of orange tone, so it looks more versatile and pure, and can be used to perform a variety of styles.


The trend of mango mojito



The trend of mango mojito has already appeared in the field of make-up. Blush, eye shadow, highlights and even lip gloss are all applied to this color. The healthy black and yellow skin is more healthy and shiny because of the color of mango mojito. It is much better than the white and black mask! Don't match it so well with the vibrant spring and summer!


blue dress


The popular front-line female stars have long realized the beauty of Mango Mojito, and Taylor Swift took a popular color sachet with a milk-blue dress and orange-pink low-heeled shoes when he took to the street. The saturation of the three is similarly matched and harmonious and natural, not only more than three colors but also very lively and tender!


colored dresses


At the Maison Margiela ss2020 show just held, they applied the mango mojito color to the dresses to show the wisdom and beauty of contemporary women, following the noble and elegant medieval royal costumes. The modern design through the color yarn stitching satin simple brand style.


Popular applications of Mango Mojito


Mango Mojito dress


The women who recently paid attention to the second season of "Youth Have You" must have been brainwashed by the buzzword yellow dress, fluffy hair, which will now be the same popular fashion items and mango mojito, but what kind of chemical reaction will mojito combine? 


Application 1: Mango Mojito × Tea Dress


tea dress


The tea dress is the hottest type of skirt this year. It has a unique swinging irregular skirt that is romantic and elegant. It is exactly what every woman pursues. After applying the mango mojito color scheme, the French style is more prominent open, especially suitable for travel and shopping, and the charm of walking is MAX!


Application 2: Mango Mojito × sweater


Mango Mojito sweater


This spring knitwear is popular due to its comfortable and simple characteristics. Any color is suitable for knitting materials, especially mango mojito. Get rid of the old-fashioned and cheap tags and wear a big brand style!


Application 3: Mango Mojito × Smoke tube shoes


Mango Mojito Smoking tube shoes

The chimney shoes have extremely thin high heels and are hot and sexy. The mango mojito is as generous as the victory queen. The combination of the two is a natural fit. A simple combination can make the mango mojito yellow. The chimney shoes create a low-key trend, and girls who pursue beautiful details must not miss it!


Mango Mojito color matching


Mango Mojito color


The wild mango mojito can be matched with almost any color, but it is best not to touch these three colors for yellow and black girls, it will only make you look darker and uglier!


Color Scheme: Mango Mojito + Dark Green


Mango Mojito + Dark Green


Yellow and green are the most fresh and eye-catching colors in summer, but dark green is really a fashion disaster. Its deep and earthy taste is already difficult to wear. The young and lively mango mojito is out of tune with it what color is added is incompatible with them, and walking on the street will make people think that it is moldy mango!


Color Scheme: Mango Mojito + Khaki


Mango Mojito + Khaki


The mango mojito belongs to the warm color system, which is very suitable for matching with the earth color system, but the khaki color has fewer brown tones and more gray tones. Not only can it not brighten the skin tone, but it makes the face look dull and even the mango mojito's bright colors have also diminished, and the old and boring color scheme is even rejected by the grandmother!


Color Scheme: Mango Mojito + Rainbow


Mango Mojito + Rainbow


Try not to touch the rainbow colors as well. The mango mojito is bright enough, plus the colorful rainbow-colored items will look messy, and there is a suspicion of wearing them all. Do not pursue oversize and college t-shirts at this time. Loose the version will only make the visual center of gravity droop more sloppy!


How to wear mango mojito?


mango mojito


If you want to be at the forefront of fashion, it's not enough to just add popular colors. You must know how to wear it and taste it reasonably. We will tell you the 4 method to match with mango mojito.


Clothing collocation: Bright color segmentation



Bright colors are most attractive to people's attention. A dark-colored outfit is cool and handsome, but it is difficult to highlight the body advantage. A mango mojito color belt highlight the whole body, and it will clearly split horizontally to improve the waist position, and the legs are visually elongated, and girls of 1.5 meters can also wear famous models!


Clothing Collocation: deep and shallow stacking method


mango mojito color


It doesn't matter if the clothes are rich in color, the key is to have a sense of hierarchy. It is the easiest way to wear old clothes with new colors together with other colors of the same color system of mango mojito. The shades of shades overlap with the lines of the clothes is achieving a delicate balance, and a very overall sense like a touch of sunset is rich and eye-catching, it is very simple and advanced!


Clothing Collocation: mix and match materials



The matching of colors is simple and easy, and the mix and match of materials is the high-end gameplay. For example, the mango mojito color of the cowhide material and the velvet material have different reflectances and textures, which together present two styles that are neat and tough and gentle and pleasant.


Clothing collocation: accessories embellishment method



If you don't dare to try the mango mojito color for the time being, you can start with accessories, such as sunglasses, bags, hair accessories, etc. The bright color jewelry has a small area and will not increase the burden of wearing. At the same time, it will add a finishing touch to the whole person's shape. A little jumpy mango mojito embellishment can make the formal stereotyped wearing full of personality!


 mango mojito dress


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