LV's perfume production line changed to disinfect water

Author:Tom 2020-04-07

Just like the plots that have been seen in China before (Sinopec started producing masks), the episode has now been broadcast—foreign luxury brands have turned to medical supplies production. I dare not particularly like to use this as a joke, but still can't help but want to say that we have watched this episode.

For the rise and fall of the country, every common man has his obligation. The big names in Europe and the United States under the epidemic have shouldered the heavy responsibility of "curving the country". It won't be long before the medical staff in European and American countries can put on Armani's protective clothing, Prada's mask, and LV disinfection water. Well, it has a unique taste.

Coincidentally, as the epidemic situation in Spain is getting worse, fast fashion giant Inditex SA, the parent company of Spanish brand Zara, announced plans to convert some fabric production lines into professional medical fabric production lines to help Spain solve the shortage of masks and medical protective clothing problem.

But we never expected that LV medical supplies would become the first luxury product in our life. What do you think the masks produced by LVMH are like:

Louis Vuitton Spring 2008

Or add extravagant rhinestone elements and the mask comes with a flash effect to make you a stylish icon.

The Blonds Spring 2020

What does a medical worker's protective suit look like?

Louis Vuitton Spring 2008

In fact, this time the big improvement line in Europe and the United States is mainly for the local front-line medical staff, but only in the absence of masks, protective clothing, temporarily acted as a manufacturer of medical supplies.

The LV parent company LVMH Group also announced after the outbreak that it would use its three perfume production lines Dior, Givenchy and Guerlain to change to a hand sanitizer production line. The sisters thought that they could also use the Miss Dior floral fragrance hand wash in their lifetime. Not all are rubbing their hands excitedly, NoNoNo, the medical supplies produced by luxury brands this time are exclusively for epidemic situations, and they are not sold.

Well, even if luxury products really come in hand sanitizers and masks, they are not necessarily affordable. Think again, perfume.