Louis Vuitton's Graffiti Mahjong Bag Becomes a Hit Overnight

Author:Alison 2019-04-30

It is to say that the most popular package in addition to the elegant fake Chanel in recent times , it is the Louis Vuitton graffiti mahjong bag that was brought to the fire by Kendall Jenner.


Kendall Jenner


Kendall's favor, it can be said that this underrm mahjong package of Louis Vuitton is fired.


Louis Vuitton


In fact, It is not only this graffiti mahjong bag, Kendall has always been a lover of the bag. The shoulder strap is ultra-short, exquisite and stylish, small and easy to carry, it is usually just out of the armpit, stylish and retro.


Kendall's bag


All of a sudden, the various vintage short straps have found the right "open way"!


vintage bag


By the way, there is the Mona Lisa bag of the Louis Vuitton X Jeff Koons Master Series, which adds a touch of glamour to the white Tee+ jeans.


Louis Vuitton X Jeff Koons bag


In addition to Kendall, Bella Hadid was also added a fire to the powerful lens of her Majesty bag! Old bags like the Louis Vuitton presbyopic design are usually taken out again.




And Bella's original "waist fine" type of underarm backpack method, it is full of lethality, but the imitation needs to have some skill. On the left side, this is the same type of FAR patent leather bag as Kendall, and the "old bag feels".



Yes! This 30-year-old mother’s favorite “Under the Mahjong Bag” has suddenly returned to the tide, and the stars have begun to imitate:


Of course, the most recommended is big brand vintage sytle.






And this popular handbags are also unrelenting and attacking:


Due to the design of the adjustable shoulder strap, the Prada's Sidonie is undoubtedly the best ready-made handbag, and the fashionable girls have played CALL for it!


Elegant and modern with a dress





Tie-dye fashion elements with loose big Tee, Chic Girl preferred.


Leonie HanneFashion Blogger Leonie Hanne

Leonie HanneFashion Blogger Leonie Hanne


Changing from a underarm to a portable back is just the right length.


Gigi Hadid

Gigi HadidSuper Model Gigi Hadid




The Dior's saddle bag must have a name. Once upon a time, it was also the trend of the wind vane Carrie Bradshaw with its own aura.




The oblique canvas old flower design is naturally the most worthwhile style.




The denim patchwork design is freedom and independent.