Lantern sleeve styles are particularly popular in the year

Author:Tom 2020-05-06

Lantern sleeves have always been well known for their distinctive features with a princess style and a casual soft charm. Although there are many beautiful sleeve styles for shirts or dresses, but in this year, this lantern sleeves is popular style for women. It can cover the meat but also very fashionable.


Lantern sleeves history


bishop sleeves shirt


The design inspiration for this single item of bishop sleeves first came from the Yuan Dynasty. At that time, a variety of clothing styles had been produced, and most of the women's clothing were the design styles of robes. Later, it gradually formed the effect of wide shoulders and tight cuffs. It looks like a lantern, so it is called a  lantern sleeve.


Lantern sleeve features


Bishop sleeve features


The biggest feature of the lantern sleeves is its design style. The shoulder design with a bubble feel exudes romantic softness. The contracted cuffs can stretch the curves of both arms to enhance the aura. Lantern sleeve knit cardigan stitch method is more delicate, and this style can cleverly cover the fat lines on the arm, this single product is often called the princess sleeve. We will recommend some popular styles for you, maybe you will like it.


Lantern sleeve top shirt


Long lantern sleeve top shirt style is a very volume-oriented single product, focusing the single product on the double sleeves which can better bring out the beauty of the arm lines. With the addition of fashionable folds, it adds a lot of leisure and soft charm, and the black thin yarn strips embellish the neckline, which is delicate and capable. The lower body is paired with a black A-line skirt, which can show the beauty of sexy and slim body, and there is also a playful and graceful beauty.

white shirt


Lantern sleeve jacket


The lantern sleeve jacket has a slight shoulder design, which not only enhances the aura, but also adds a cool and domineering charm. A variety of sequin elements are spliced to show a unique and beautiful style. A dark purple suspender skirt is built inside to highlight the elegant and sexy retro feelings. The color of the clutch is integrated with it, which is quite elegant and expensive. With white canvas shoes, it adds a lot of casual soft beauty.


Lantern sleeve


Lantern Sleeve Dresses


This lantern sleeve dress uses floral design style, romantic and fresh. With black as the bottom, it is steady, elegant and dignified, and the big red printed pattern is embellished to show the charming and mature. Lantern sleeves stretch the lines of the arms, the cuffs shrink to add a sense of creativity and high-end, and a bow ribbon is added to the neck, which is more elegant and soft. With pure black high-heeled boots, exudes a dignified and beautiful charm.


Lantern sleeve dress


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