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Author:Alice 2020-07-14

Womenswear Designer Brand


Romeo and Juliet is a legendary love tragedy by William Shakespeare. It tells a young, romantic, bittersweet love story. Inspired by that, Kloset integrates the passion and rebellious spirit given by love into its designs, and launches 2020 Pre-Fall series as Love Never Fails. Rose is the symbol of love, but for love tragedies like Romeo and Juliet, only tears can water it.


Romeo and Juliet


The palette includes High Risk Red symbolizing the beauty of love, hopeful and patient Parisian Blue, Tap Shoe standing for the eternity of love, bright and pure Cloud Dancer, and Marzipan adds warmth and sweetness to this collection.


The Nature of Love


In this collection, Mollika Ruangkritya prints the brand's name to create a love vibe. Unlike Romeo and Juliet, Rose-meo&Juliet tells a sweet love story. Rose print is hand-painted, with real and 3D oil paint. Red rose print symbolizes true, firm, happy and passionate love which never fails. However, blue rose print stands for sad love, but it is full of hope and patience.

Rose-meo & Juliet