KAPITAL The Menswear Designer Brand

Author:Alice 2020-05-28

Menswear Designer Brand


KAPITAL is a Japanese folk style brand founded in 1984. It is good at combing avant-garde designs with traditional clothing manufacturing crafts, and dedicated to creating its own individual aesthetics. FLARE STAR, its S/S LOOKBOOK, is photoed in Vietnam. According to the LOOKBOOK, this season KAPITAL continues its original style, takes cues from Chinese Kongfu culture, blends with American retro clothing collocation, and adopts traditional techniques such as tie-dye and Sashiko, thus providing a series of products nodding to martial artists.

Clothing of this season has a name of KUNG-FU-SION. KAPITAL applies dragon, auspicious cloud and bodhisattva patterns, integrates the crossed collar and right lapel into silhouette, and employs Chinese buttonhole loops, so that modern designs make a contrast with traditional elements.
Chinese Elements
This season clothing continues the use of Sashiko. Sashiko is a traditional folk craft in Japan, and originally used for sewing patches. However, modern Sashiko is purely used for decoration. Sashiko is applied to the indigo cloth, adding a unique touch.
Folk Sashiko
KAPITAL stitches various materials to enrich clothing and add a layered sense. Embroidery and tie-dye add striking designs and interpret the individual retro aesthetics with an artistic technique.
Half-and-Half Splicing