Jerry and Mickey Mouse have Begun to Appear in Luxury Brands

Author:Tom 2020-01-15

The annual Chinese New Year holiday is approaching. As the most important festival of the year, it always burns money and no one can escape. Especially the 96th birthday this year is the highest quality consumer that you must not miss. Take a photo with Disney and Mickey Mouse, buy a piece of jewelry with cute mice, and revisit "Tom and Jerry" in the winter, this is so called let down the brith of year.




Jerry and Mickey Mouse have begun to appear in many luxury fashion brands. Generally speaking, the design of the Chinese New Year limited series of major brands basically revolves around the keywords of the zodiac, red and traditional elements. 2020 is the year of the zodiac rat, so the little mice ushered in the busiest year of every 12 years.

ratMickey Mouse is not only a cartoon element, but also a fashion feelings.

Micky Mouse

GUCCI X Mickey Mouse


Gucci has teamed with Disney to collaborate on the new Chinese New Year series, and brand design director Alessandro Michele has integrated Disney's most iconic character "Mickey" into a series of single product designs.



Beige and dark black fabrics featuring the Year of the rat feature printed mini GG logos and Mickey patterns of different sizes from the brand's collection.



This print design echoes a fabric launched by GUCCI in the 1980s, with the help of high-definition digital printing technology to accurately restore the patterns and colors of the year. Everywhere is full of humorous spirit and retro atmosphere, good matching basic items, such as sweatshirts and sweaters are also launched which is 
pass on unrestrained innocence.



ETROxTom and Jerry

ETRO has launched the ETRO X Tom and Jerry New Year limited series. The entire series of clothing is mainly T-shirts and shirts. The childlike print adds new vitality to your winter wardrobe, breaking the dimension wall and bringing you new year's first round surprise.



BURBERRY New Year Series



BURBERRY's chief creative director Riccardo Tisci incorporates Thomas Burberry's exclusive logo into a lively little mouse that named "Bobo Rat."



The brand's New Year's Eve series of advertising campaigns was performed by Chinese actress and brand spokesperson Zhou Dongyu with models He Cong and Liang Jiyuan. The high-grade red blended into the cute "Bobo Rat" logo injected a joyous and festive atmosphere into the urban modern style.


PEACEBIRD and Tom and Jerry


PEACEBIRD also launched a joint series with Tom and Jerry. The cute and funny Tom cat and the Jerry rat that is also foe and friend, humorous animation is breaking the dimension and playing surprise cross-border.



The graffiti-style printing is combined with the Chinese style of the playful little cheongsam. Other creative collisions will spark inspiration and harvest the unlimited surprises of the New Year!



The Year of the rat 2020 is the first independent birth year for the new youth born in 1996.The post-90s generation is a generation who likes nostalgia, so they have different feelings for some specific elements.
Let a lot of 96s burn money to buy, but wear it and you will have your own childhood!



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