Japanese Designer Brand of Men's Knitwear

Author:Alice 2020-06-16

Men's Knitwear

TOMORROWLAND was founded in 1978 and its menswear line, TOMORROWLAND MEN, was established in 1987 and opened its first store in Aoyama, Japan. It covers from everyday wear to gowns. Designers often draw inspiration from rock music and street subculture, and mixes with traditional Japanese designer concept, aimed to provide new elegant looks for men.


Men's Knitwear

With a theme of transformation, TOMORROWLAND S/S 2020 series transforms perennial cables, takes cues from window, electric wire and shadow, and employs fine-gauge stitch for stronger comfort.


Ombre takes on a subdued expression form and muted colors. Single colors like orange and blue make a contrast with achromatic colors, and up and down division is the main form. Ombre effect is also combined with stitches, showing a natural transition.


Men's Knitwear

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