ISPO Munich Outdoor Sports Exhibition

Author:Alice 2020-02-21

Munich Outdoor Sports Exhibition


Munich ISPO is not only the world's largest sports trade show, but also a promoter and voice for cutting-edge sports ideas. The slogan of the 2020 ISPO is "Responsibility, Dynamic, Innovation", which highlights the impact of sports on all walks of life in the world. The exhibition covers an area of more than 200,000 square meters, and divides into 18 exhibition areas, including snow sports products, manufacturers, health and fitness, and urban looks. Innovation and creativity are the key to the A/W 20/21 fair, and almost all brands emphasize sustaiability in product development and brand philosophy. In addition, brands are promoting urban styles and modular designs to appeal to sports consumers.


Outdoor Sports Exhibition


Winter sports are playing an increasingly important role in a health-conscious society, and the combination of outdoor sports and urban looks is also closer. The simple silhouette and functional pockets cater to the industry trend. Based on this, designers can try more creative Japanese Kimono silhouette, detachable hood, dynamic lettered print, and quilting to add a chic feel to functional products.

The Urban Style
In order to cope with the deteriorating winter weather and to wake up the fun of sports, the functional products need to be upgraded to provide a more convenient and active experience for the wearer. Columbia's black technology of heat-reflecting locks heat around the body. Extremely thick padded jackets provide protection and still create a stylish look.
Protection in The Cold Winter
More and more brands participate in sustainable development and use it to attract consumers. Recycling resource and reducing dyestuff are popular directions. Adidas uses recycled materials to create new products. The emerging brand Khou Khii uses old clothing as the padding of punching bag. Bergans launches the theme campaign "Save the Seasons". Its another collaboration program, "Collection of Tomorrow", allows consumers to work with brands to reshape backpacks into other products.
Recycling and Reusing