Ins French Fashion Bloggers who are Full of Retro Girl Style

Author:Louis 2019-07-19

France has a profound cultural heritage, combining tradition and modernity, romance and shame. The unique French style shows the romantic feelings of women. They don't like to care about their feelings, and their personality is resolute and assertive. They are independent, mature, advocating freedom, never letting life monotonous. They can always find their own distant places, and they will not be indecisive and affected by others.


white lace dresses


For the clothing, French women always like romantic pleated puff sleeves, regular pleats, burnt cotton lace fabrics and elegant small floral flowers, reflecting the romantic feelings while not forgetting the comfort of the clothing.


Fashion blogger -- LIVIA AUER


LIVIA AUER is often paired with a beret as a matching piece, with ruffled dresses and small shirts; puff sleeves and micro-sleeve cuffs, all of which show the unique romantic feelings of the French all the time.




Fashion blogger--KAYLA SEAH


Compared with LIVIA AUER's fashion style, KAYLA SEAH is more sexy in wearing. Whether it's in the chest for pleats or in the form of a drawstring, it's a beautiful figure, including a generous neckline design with a slim neck and a sexy collarbone, while showing the emotional tone without losing romance.



Fashion blogger--MARIJA KRSIKAPA


MARIJA KRSIKAPA is more cute on the wearer, through the length of the burnt dress to the middle of the thigh, showing the petite and cute side of the female; the romantic wooden ear decoration, the puffed sleeves of the mesh polka dots and other style details are applied to the small shirt. Both it is showing the playful side of the fashion blogger.



Recommended Brand--Zimmermann & Miu Miu


Zimmermann & Miu Miu's two brands show French wear in the early spring 2020 fashion show styles, including small shirts that better interpret French romance through the use of sleeves, low-cut doll collars and fabrics.



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