How to wear brown color fashion style clothing

Author:Tom 2021-08-25

What is fashion? In fact, fashion is to create a new personality for yourself. Clothing is also the first intuitive impression of you when other people see you, like when you are wearing a girlish style, other people will think you are very Cute, and when you wear a business style, everyone will think you are reliable.


Therefore, the editor said that fashion is "meeting dress". Brown clothing has a style no matter how you wear it. It is not only elegant but also tender. The texture of literature and art is pursued by many people. It not only makes you look more comfortable, but also It will make you more fashionable in the impression of others.


Autumn is still suitable for brown. It is not only high-end but also good-looking, but also has a sense of literature and art. Autumn is also the season of brown, so everyone should take advantage of the weather just entering autumn and hurry to grasp the fashion trend.


fashion style


Color analysis


You don’t think that there is only one color of brown, fashion is not a watercolor pen, any color has many different ways to display it, especially for designers who choose different color mixtures to show the effect of clothing. All are different.


Lighter colors are more youthful


Light brown is the first clothing color recommended by the editor, mainly because light brown can show more clothing effects, but the aura is also more age-reducing. Many people don't dare to wear brown clothes because they are worried that the brown retro fan will appear more old-fashioned. And the temperament of the light brown clothing is very simple, and it will not look old at all.


Simple colors are also easier to show various advanced effects, so it is very suitable to be made into a suit or a small skirt.


fashion style


Darker colors are more advanced


Dark brown can show the aura and generous, it's a bit old, but it's more literary and retro, and the aura is more free and easy, so many people like to wear it when they choose dark brown clothing.


But the editor believes that if the style is too young, it may not make you look young, and you will lose the retro style. It is actually better to directly choose lady-style clothing.


dark brown style


The color is more classic


There are many brown colors, and the choice of color is neither dark nor light. It is the common brown in our memory, full of retro style, and a little handsome.


At the same time, a more positive brown is more suitable for matching retro-style clothing. Choosing a fat clothing style will make you very advanced with ease.


But the positive brown is not tender or old, it's still an embarrassing color.


brown color style


The style must also be carefully judged


The editor in the previous article has also analyzed various shades of brown with you, but if you want to make your temperament look more advanced, you should also pay attention to the style of clothing, remember to adjust according to the color of the clothing.


The darker one is to choose the age-reducing model


Like dark brown clothing, everyone has remembered its stable aura, and this brown is too easy to show old age, so it is necessary to choose a style with a lower age as much as possible.


Like choosing the style of the skirt is good, it can make your aura look more fashionable, and it is quite tender after matching with dark colors.


brown style


Light colors can be matched with dark ones


Brown clothing is actually a good match. If you want to make your aura look more stylish, you can combine light brown and dark brown to make your temperament look younger and your clothing The outfit is more advanced.


If the style of clothing you choose is ladylike, light brown should be the main color. When matching, you should also choose light-colored accessories that make your aura look fresher.


brown style


If you are afraid of being old, find some special styles


If you want to make your own aura look younger, it is also good to choose a more unique style, and the visual effect is more fresh, and it will also make your own clothes look more distinctive.


Generally speaking, if you want to try individual clothing, you still have to try dark brown, so that the aura of the clothing is more stable and won't be too weird.


You can also try matching skirts with strange colors, such as orange hip skirts, which are very distinctive and quite retro and artistic.


fashion style


Lazy, free and easy, quite practical


Brown clothing is almost a style of clothing that does not choose age, but many people still choose the appropriate style according to their age. Choosing a light-colored long skirt will not have an obvious sense of age. The light-colored dress is more youthful, while the long dress is more elegant and thinner.


So mature people will look more literary when wearing them, and immature people will look more reliable when wearing them. However, such skirts are relatively short and are not suitable for people who are not tall enough.


fashion style


There are countless effects that brown can show. The most common one is the retro style, and there are many cool, business and lady style clothing. If you look carefully, you can see it everywhere in your daily life.


If you also like to wear retro clothing, you must try brown clothing, which is as high-end as black and white, and as conspicuous as colored clothing.


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