Han Clothing Elements for Women's Beauty in Ancient China

Author:Alice 2019-10-29




The fabric, color and style of Han clothing still have an impact modern garments. Garments in Tang dynasty is colorful and open. Azurite, grey green, cinnabar, black and gold are often used. We can take cues from Han clothing to enrich fashion designing.





Florals are common in Tang dynasty's garments. Dunhuang caves provide lots of portraits of noble people. The sprigged florals and florals in deep and light colors are the style of the flourishing Tang dynasty. Fresh and delicate mini flowers are often seen on Tang Dresses and brocade scarves.




Dunhuang caisson ceilings feature lots of patterns. The colors, graphics and balanced layout can all be used in modern apparel. Embroidery, beading and jacquard are recommended.

Dunhuang Caisson Ceiling
In ancient China, Ge, linen, cotton and wool were often used. In Tang dynasty, silks, yarn and brocade were applied. The silk road in Tang dynasty made silks popular. Nowadays, soft, flowing and opulent silk fabrics are used for modern fashion garments. Different colors show a fluid and luxe effect.
Silks and 


In Han clothing, right lapel and crossed collar are typical. In some ethnic minorities in ancient China, left lapel appeared. Elements from Han clothing are incorporated into modern garments.


Lapel and Crossed Collar
The bust-length dress was prevalent among court ladies in Tang dynasty. The updated bust-length dress with simplified straps works well for daily life.

Length Ru Dress
Han elements give a slim and pretty feel. Dresses and jumpsuits are slick and nonchalant. The printed crossed-collar dress is easy to wear. The bust-length strap dress can be worn over the crossed collar shirt or under the lightweight outerwear piece. The mysterious oriental culture goes global. Element of Han clothing are borrowed to enrich our designs.