Flowery hydrangea jewelry creates a dreamy and fashionable vision

Author:Tom 2021-09-01

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As we all know, hydrangea is one of the common gardening flowers. Each "hydrangea" is composed of countless delicate small flowers. Because it looks like an ancient hydrangea, it is called a hydrangea. In ancient times, when many girls reached the age of marriage, they would seek out their husbands and sons by throwing hydrangea. Therefore, hydrangea also represents hope and eternity.


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Hydrangea flowers are brightly colored, different hydrangeas have different colors, gorgeous embroidery flowers also have different colors in different flowering periods, and its delicate shape is the inspiration of many masters in the jewelry industry. Unique jewelry designers use hydrangea as a Purpose designed a wealth of accessories.





1. Hydrangea Series Jewelry


Speaking of hydrangeas as inspiration, many people will think of Chaumet, which integrates the elements of hydrangeas into jewelry design, combines modern and bold designs with hydrangeas, and brings perfection to the jewelry industry. His works show a distinctive design style and concept to the world.




2. Hydrangea earrings full of high-end sense


Hydrangea series jewelry received a lot of praise as soon as it was launched, attracting the attention of many masters from the jewelry industry. After the hydrangea series made waves, Chaumet launched some new products while the iron was hot. Like the previous jewelry, this series of jewelry attracted many people as soon as it was launched, especially the earrings in the picture. The overall frame of the earrings uses platinum. For the material, the gems are mainly made of tanzanite and lapis lazuli. Each earring consists of several small flowers, each of which has 3 to 5 petals, and the flowers are combined in a curved form, which looks full of high-level sense.




3. Hydrangea ring


In addition to earrings, necklaces and stud earrings, Chaumet also designed rings in the Hydrangea series. The picture above shows the rings in the Hydrangea series. The shape of the ring shows that the flower pattern of the ring is relatively more complicated, and the number of flowers on the ring is larger. And the petals of each flower are inlaid with different gems. The first impression of this series of rings is bright, and the ring as a whole looks very luxurious.


hydrangea ring



Pink has always been a symbol of purity and simplicity. Pink hydrangeas often give people a sense of dream. Chuamet designed a unique brooch based on the concept of pink hydrangeas. This brooch uses opal stone as the main raw material. , The overall color is mainly pink and white, which makes the brooch look romantic and wonderful as a whole. Ancient Rome believed that opal symbolized unswerving love. This brooch not only showed the hope of hydrangea, but also represented the love of opal.




4. Hydrangea earrings


This stud earring is another hydrangea style from Ta Siqi. The color is simpler, more concise and generous, just like snow falling down in winter. The perfect combination of platinum and diamonds makes you wear it noble and elegant, elegant and refined. Although the style looks a bit complicated, it does not affect the beauty at all.


hydrangea earrings


5. Sleeping Fantasy Garden Ring


This pair of rings is called the Sleeping Fantasy Garden. Each flower in this ring contains Ta Siqi's design philosophy. Each flower has a different appearance. The ring uses three kinds of gems, each Gemstones have their own unique concepts, and each type of gemstone is currently a rare treasure on the market.


Sleeping Fantasy Garden Ring


The hydrangea jewelry that represents romance is like a modern urban beauty, full of hope and longing for life, blooming with unparalleled charm. In China, there are many things that represent love, but only hydrangea can have such charm. Whether it is a ring or a necklace, it will make people shine and feel the designer's true concept.




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