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Author:Louis 2019-03-20

Spring is coming now, fashion bloggers are wearing trench coat, and the look of the younger sister is bright. Carefully, this year's popular trench coat style can be a bit more, in addition to the classic color huada windbreaker, patent leather and soft leather fabric windbreaker is the most stylish; suede windbreaker comes with nostalgic feeling, with corduroy, knitting is a perfect match; Rich tarpaulin windbreaker, but cool girls show the personality of the fashionable goods, today we will talk to you about different fabrics, different colors of windbreaker and how to wear more beautiful!


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NO.1 classic wild gabardine trench coat

The gabardine windbreaker is a “hard currency” in the closet. Originally developed by Burberry founder Thomas Burberry, this fabric is a sturdy, waterproof and breathable twill fabric. This is also the reason why the brand's windbreaker is so hot, because the windbreaker made of this fabric is very suitable for the UK's rainy and cold climate.


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However, Huada is not exclusive to Burberry, because of its waterproof and wear-resistant characteristics, all brands have launched the Huada windbreaker, and extended a lot of new tricks. In general, khaki gabardine trench coats are the most common because they are classic and versatile. But to be honest, Huada is a relatively "light-absorbing" fabric, with khaki color is easy to show old-fashioned, yellow-skinned Asian girls want to wear good looks or need a little trick.


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However, the khaki is also divided into deep khaki and light khaki. The former is similar to camel, warmer tones, so it is more suitable for "warm skin stars"; shallow khaki is cold, and therefore has a popular word "indifferent color", suitable for girls with cold skin. Let's talk about the deep khaki color. The most basic thing is to match the black inside, which is more suitable for girls with mature temperament; another pair of golden earrings, both extravagant and feminine.


Fashion trench coat


Want to look street style? Check out the short camel trench coat and take a white trousers with a high rate of appearance this year. There is a cool personality in the chic.


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Although the light khaki is less warm, but it is easier to match the cool feeling. The long-length trench coat and black interior bring a modern and atmospheric look, but girls with ordinary body should pay attention to the proportion when wearing, and the length of the calf is the easiest to wear.


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Windbreaker and hoodie are easy to wear and feel comfortable at first glance. However, the shallow khaki x light gray collocation lacks the "color" is too "indifferent", and a dark gray sweater to increase the level, it can highlight the personality.


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The khaki trench coat is paired with another versatile piece – blue jeans are neat and stylish. If you prefer mature style, you can use a long trench coat with flared jeans; if you prefer a youthful look, try a combination of long trench coat + nine jeans!


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In addition to khaki color, occasionally you can see the fashionable people wearing other colors of the gabardine trench coat. The less common is the sky blue, the high saturated color needs a little courage to hold. Inside, a white printed shirt, especially with a spring atmosphere; with a deep olive green bucket bag, low-key contrast color brings a full of high-quality texture.


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The combination of light olive green and white is quite "foreign", which is the perfect color for creating casual sportswear.


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The navy blue trench coat is more "boring", and the inner skirt is exposed to reveal the legs to make the wearer more light and elegant; the pointed high heels have the effect of lengthening the leg lines, which together bring the perfect spring trench coat look.


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NO.2 The most obvious gas field trench coat

In addition to the classic Huada, it has recently become popular with a more advanced leather windbreaker. They also have the attributes of wind and cold resistance, but the speciality of the leather makes them less buckled in design, the contour and the gas field are much stronger, and it is also very suitable for wearing in the early spring!


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In particular, this matte leather trench coat, the "high-end sense" visible to the naked eye makes it the most popular fashion item of the season. Don't be persuaded by its price. Because of the craftsmanship, PU leather can also produce softness and quality similar to high-quality leather. The price is much cheaper. The beauty girl can choose the price according to the budget. Soft leather trench coat. The collocation is also very simple, the slim-fit soft-skin windbreaker, with high-heeled shoes or short boots, is enough to be stunning; the medium-length A-line silhouette trench coat, the inner dress shows the charming charm of the literary girl.


fashion trench coat

fashion trench coat


Black leather is a basic versatile style, but leather windbreakers have many new options for color matching. The dark blue leather trench coat is more special than the common black leather coat, and the ginger sweater is contrasted with a strong visual effect, reflecting the taste of the wearer.


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High-saturated blue jeans make the matte dark red windbreaker a supporting role, and the simple fashionable style can be directly exported to the office.


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The leather coats of the yellow color or coffee color are also very popular among street-shooters. The same color and near-color are easy to wear a high-end wear "routine."


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