Fashion Blogger's Favorite Summer Wear Styles

Author:Emily 2019-08-13

There are many ways to learn to wear skills. Today, we mainly share with you a few fashion bloggers on Ins, each with a distinctive dress style.


Taylor Lashae


Taylor Lashae is a blogger from Houston, USA, and an actor. It is a hybrid of France and Colombia.


Taylor Lashae


At first, Fairy was attracted by her highly recognizable Bob's head style. Later, after paying attention to Lashae's Ins, she found that her dress had a strong retro age and she was really charming.


Lashae's hair style


Exquisite baby face, messy Bob short hair, cat eye makeup and a touch of red lips, exudes a sense of smart and sexy.


Taylor Lashae


Taylor Lashae's style is too tasteful. The lazy elegance of the French style and the rebelliousness of the American style do not combine to form the unique light retro temperament of this mixed-race girl. She is like a nostalgic cool girl who came out of the screen of an old movie.




Most of Taylor's tops are classic pieces, and it's hard to see the latest popular old-fashioned shoes or seasonal items.

Blazers, ruffled dresses, polka dot shirts, knit pullovers, velvet skirts, and leather jackets are the most photographed items.


fashion shirt style


If you put on a large suit jacket today, then he will reveal a pair of beautiful legs; the retro charm revealed in the pure is incredible.



Cindy Kimberley


Cindy Kimberley has a lineage of Spain and the Philippines, with a face with exotic beauty. This year is only 19 years old, but Ins fans have exceeded more than 4.3 million.


Cindy Kimberley


Kimberley is actually a deep sense of facial features and a perfect body. Together with healthy bronze skin, she has a unique wildness.


Kimberley 's sexy black style


She likes to wear a close-fitting, contoured outfit, but this sexy doesn't make people feel vulgar that is showing a healthy and energetic aesthetic.


Because usually her sexy mix is very tough, but her wild side is not only on the sexy side. For example, using a girl's color hair band to wrap up the hair, and then scattered a few broken hair is her usual means of selling cute hair that can still be sexy.


blue dresssexy shirt


Many people like her handsome wildness, even simple jeans, with a Deep V top can be very attractive.


sexy fashion style




The Asian-faced girl has nearly 30W followers in Ins. She likes to send some of her own daily clothing matching pictures. Unlike other fashion bloggers, her look is mostly cheap basic items. The public draws on it.



Tlnique is very good at wearing clothes few times and making a combination between the pieces. Each set is very fashionable and everyday.


Tlnique's black and beige style


And her height is only 158cm, even a small thick leg, the body is really approachable.


Tlnique's dress style


In the dress, Tlnique did not pursue the high waist because of the shortness of the child, but did not even think that she was short or not.


Tlnique's dress style


The secret is her dress style, she has brought the daily light and wind to the extreme. The advantage of taking this style is that the gas field is easy to upgrade, and if the gas field is strong, others will not feel that you are short.


Aimee Song


Aimee Song, a Korean fashion blogger living in California. She is tall, and her dress is a typical American casual that is preferring a layer of free mix.


Aimee Song blue dress style


Aimee is a Japanese-Korean hybrid with a height of only one meter six, a healthy wheat complexion, Asian faces and Asian body. Many Asian girls use her as a role model.


Aimee sexy dressfashion causal style


Her skin is not white, she is not tall, but she has won more than 2 million fans on the Instagram social networking site. Her style is very simple and short legs is wear short pant.



Aimee's everyday dress style is biased towards American casual style. At all major fashion weeks, AimeeSong's dress selections are all elegant and more generous, more elegant than the dresses for travel!



In the travel wear, it is also combined with a variety of scenery, a variety of printed dresses, off-the-shoulder styles, etc., and occasionally a little French style!



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