Earth Yellow Theme Color Trend for Womenswear

Author:Alice 2019-11-13

Earth Yellow


Earth yellow appears often in the dynamics of fashionistas in virtue of its elegant and warm natural feeling. The peaceful natural color tones are combined with the neat fluent cutting to create the comfortable and natural atmosphere. Earth yellow will be the popular color of A/W 20/21.


Earth Yellow


Environment guardians extract the original yellow from the earth landscape. Designers who are dedicated to recycle use earth yellow to reshape the pragmatism with ecological harmony. Earth yellow in earthy color tones is mixed with the elegant power of the pragmatism to bring the comfort of the nature.

Earth Yellow color theme

The environmentally-friendly and natural earth yellow is suitable for the commute and leisure cotton trench coat and the acetic acid materials. The relaxing and warm colors display the sustainable lifestyle. The deconstructed trench coat is nonchalant and advanced when styled with the cotton & line loos high-waist pants. When styled with knitwear, it's comfortable, warm and natural.

Earth Yellow- Clothing Collocation
The earth yellow and sand color palette are combined to cater to the simple and comfortable fashion trend. The comfortable peat and mahogany create a warm and relaxing atmosphere, and display natural color proportions in winter.
Color Proportions- Earth Yellow As A Main Color( Winter)

The earth yellow is applied to the overcoat with different colors on the double faces added by the creative cutting to interpret the soft and quiet female beauty, and the versatile and nonchalant temperament. The tight inner and long pants with a light vocational sense create the boundless warm nonchalant aesthetics.

Earth Yellow As A Main Color- Clothing Collocation (The Soft Overcoat)
The view of the nature and ecology, the erosive remote wetland and rugged terrain bring the earthy palette of sand color tones, like the poetic landscape. The combination with earth yellow, light khaki and tranquil green injects the warm pragmatism to the cold winter.
Color Proportions- Earth Yellow As A Complementary Color (Late Winter)
The simple but not dull puffa jacket like an overcoat applies the the earthy palette in which the sand colors are main colors to adjust the various styles of the deconstructed nature. The comfortable and nonchalant mixing match is creative in warm autumn and winter. The deconstructed long puffa is styled with casual loose pants to interpret the warm and practical natural landscape.
Earth Yellow As A Complementary Color- Clothing Collocation (The Deconstructed Long Puffa)