Dolce & Gabbana Releases 2021 Spring Summer Women's Collection

Author:Tom 2020-09-30



With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of culture, the designers use their works to tell stories that happened on this island once ruled by Spain, Arabia, Norman and France, and embellish it with cultural diversity.




This time stitching works created by designers Stefano and Domenico are made of different fabrics, different atmospheres, colorful colors, different weights of brocade, poplin, georgette and chiffon, it is showing Palermo and Catani which the cities of Asia, Syracuse, and Agrigento are wonderful.




In the 2021 spring and summer series, designers interpret the definition of "Fatto a mano" with their heart. They say that the younger generation cherish art, especially hand-made crafts, which is a more “sustainable” fashion.



At the womenswear fashion show, designers conveyed this message that they can give new life to old works and create new and unique works. Each piece is crafted and interpreted by craftsmen, with its unique personality, story, passion that is a unique product.




Every craftsman and tailor will design and stitch together the fabric in a different way according to the unique shape and color of the fabric.




At the end of this Sicilian exploration journey, in the Sicilian Stitching series, the designers reproduced the classics of 93 years. At that time, the inspiration came from the 70s; the classic clothing such as jackets, shirts and dresses  in the appearance with a new perspective is a manifestation of style and has nothing to do with fashion. In this series, designers have given 93 classic models with new proportions, fabrics, colors and perspectives. The inspiration of the 70s is in the past, and what is presented now is a cultural path that combines different cultures to create truly unique.




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