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Author:Tom 2019-11-20

design inspiration


People often think that the fashion industry is guided by fashion, but it is not.


In this big social environment, everything is subtly changing the way of people's live. The trend is simply a mapping of a certain era, a social phenomenon or a spiritual environment, and then these pictures, elements, and colors are expressed through clothing.


design clothing


As people's lives and consumption levels continue to rise, so the demand for material and spiritual resources which leads to diversified changes in healthy lifestyles and aesthetics. In fact, everyone's sensory cognition can publish their own trends, and most of the future trends are derived from lifestyle.


fashion clothing


In the contemporary economy, a large number of garments are closed, and the largest proportion of clothing stores is sports brands. At the same time, more and more brands follow the call for environmental protection and are born for the cycle. This also reflects a major phenomenon in modern society: more and more fashion people are pursuing a combination of environmental protection and health.


fashion clothing


In the current consumer economic system, clothing consumption is declining, and electronic technology products consume more than clothing. From the materials of many domestic brands and some smart wearable devices, you can feel the sense of science and technology in the modern society.




Semir X DUMPTY teamed up to present the Milan Fashion Week show, the laser BB machine, the data line's printing element blessing, combined with the external PVC pocket and the phone in the pocket, the cool combination of clothing and smart devices.


Semir 2020SS


Bosideng's new high-tech down jacket, honeycomb structure three-dimensional filling, magic chain safety protection, 3 cm 13-pin precision sewing process, those encompasses today's top technology and technology, refreshing many people's perception of down jacket.


Bosideng puffa jacket


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